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FOR TODAY – November 9, 2009

Outside my Window….an exquisite sunrise and nearly spring-like temperature 41, significantly warmer than last Monday’s 28 degrees.  The sky is a collage of pink, gold and orange fading to pale lavender, then darkening to a deeper blue.  I never tire of sunrise…I keep my camera on the kitchen counter, and of course, had to take a picture of this morning’s glorious display:

Thinking…about our Advent plans.  I’m such a creature of habit and tradition, though this year I’m making one of these.  I love the O Antiphon house and have been thinking about making one since I first saw in on Elizabeth’s blogJessica is also creating her own lovely rendition.  Aren’t we blessed to have such an abundance of lovely ideas and equally lovely women willing to share them?  I think so…

Thankful foryour precious prayers, my dear friends.  I’m much more at peace and will go forward with each test realizing that’s all it is…a test.  Thank you for your kindness and encouraging words…

From the kitchen…hot coffee, eggs, toast and sausage.

Faith and learning…the children are so excited about their early American History studies.  Tales of Leif Eriksson and the Vikings are just the thing the boy’s have been waiting for.  We’re constructing a really nifty Viking ship, charting courses and studying Viking culture and Norse mythology.

The children receive grade cards today and I’m thrilled with the progress we’re making.  Everyone is working so hard, in anticipation of our Advent break.  We’re taking the whole month of December…I’ll continue to work on reading with the youngers (I hate to lose ground!) but I’m so looking forward to guilt-free baking, decorating and crafting with my children.  It’s still “school”, right?  Just a bit more fun than readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic!

Creating…knitting socks and a sweater, preparing for Advent…the usual pre-holiday stuff!

Planning…for Advent…and to get these troublesome medical tests out of the way.

Wearing…still in my nightgown, a warm sweater and socks.  But not for long…

Reading…THIS!!  My mom found a copy for me at a thrift store.  I’ve wanted a copy for many years.  She paid 50 cents:

Praying…prayers of thanksgiving for God’s sweet mercy.  For good friends, a wonderful parish, a blessed life…

Hearing…the roosters crowing.  Cecil is an evil rooster.  I fear he may be heading for the crockpot.  He’s torturing the hens and the other rooster.  Two roosters…not…a…good…idea.

Around the house…the chicken coop is nearly finished!  The chickens spent their first night there…we’ve been using a storage building to house them.  The coop is enormous…six nest boxes and lots of room.  A very nice abode…for a chicken.

One of my favorite things…my parish.  There can’t possibly be another parish like it.  I’ve been to so many, this one is heaven on earth.  We love each other, hang out with each other…imagine that!  This weekend was our annual Una Voce (or as Emily calls it  “Ono Vuchy”) picnic, bake sale and book sale.  The picnic is just for fun and the bake sale and book sale proceeds support an FSSP seminarian from our parish.  I love my Church!

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

The bake and book sale in the Undercroft at Holy Family.  Yep…that’s none other than Mary Rose, our very own Catholic Prodigal Daughter.  And Mr. William Heyer, classical architect extraordinaire!