…and through the woods…

That’s right!  Off to Grandma’s house…my favorite place to spend Thanksgiving!  The children have been excitedly packing for days.  Sorting, folding, making lists and cleaning…all preparations for our trip.  I do hope you and yours have the happiest of Thanksgivings.  This is such a wonderful time…the crisp fall air, the smell of turkey and stuffing; I can hardly wait until tomorrow!

We are still busily preparing for Advent.  We haven’t yet chosen our slips for our Nativity Advent-ure, but I imagine that will take place this weekend…Clementine and Elizabeth will be there, and I’m delighted that they’ll be able to begin the Advent journey with us.  It’s wonderful to have this “busy time” – getting things set ahead of time helps us to immerse ourselves with a little more peace during this coming season of stillness.  I’ll leave you now, with best wishes, prayers and a few links for your enjoyment.  Blessings!

O Antiphon House

O Antiphon Prayers

St. Andrew Novena

Nativity Advent-ure

Preparing for a Holy Advent-ure