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FOR TODAY – December 7, 2009

Outside my Window….soft and gently falling SNOW!!

SNOW!  SNOW!  SNOW!  Come out in the snow!  The children are so very excited.  So is mom!

Thinking…about a weekend full of blessings.  A party, a visit to a Christmas tree farm, a night at the zoo for Wild Lights…and a special intention.

Thankful for…Everything…everything…everything.  Did I mention everything?

From the kitchen…ah…when I started this post it was dawn, here it is noon!  Lunch:  looks like a soupy kinda day…dinner:  an enormous beef brisket – I’ve never prepared one before, but this is what I’m doing with it.  Should be tasty…I need something yummy for the family I’ll be leaving home for Ladies Night Out.  Cookie Exchange!!!!  I love cookies…

Faith and learning…Jesse tree and Advent prayers.  Soon the O Antiphon House.  Coloring pages and Christmas crafts.  Outdoor play and indoor fun…my favorite kind of school…

Creating…a few homemade gifts.  My energy level is pretty low, but I’m doing what I can!

Planning…probably postponing a going away party.  Looks like flu has hit our dear friends.  Ah, well.  It seems they may not be leaving quite so soon, so perhaps we’ll have time after all!  We’ll see…

Wearing…this morning it was enormous, blue, footed pajamas.  This afternoon:  blue jeans, a turtleneck and polar fleece jacket.  It’s ccccoooollldd!!


Praying…reflecting on these words from Fr. Lutz’s homily this past Sunday”

“God created you, and it cost Him nothing.  Jesus redeemed you, and it cost Him everything…right down to the last drop of His precious blood…”

Hearing…Clifford the Big Red Dog on PBS.

Around the house…more mess than I’d like.  A whirlwind of weekend activity left very little time for tidying.  And I’m still not through painting the kitchen.  A chore that should have taken only a spare half day is now stretching over a week…like I said:  my energy level is non-existant.  I wish I was better at turning these kind of things over to others…hint, hint…

One of my favorite things…freshly painted trim in the kitchen.  You have no idea how many fingerprints I’ve covered up.  Paint covers a multitude of “sins!”

Here’s a picture thought I am sharing with you

Sunset at the Christmas tree farm…a day worthy of a post all its own…coming soon!