Long before sunrise, two sleepy girls dressed quietly in the cold, a holly berry wreath upon the head of one, a candle in the hands of the other as they approached the darkened bedrooms…singing in the hushed darkness, presenting buns and hot tea to brothers and father…

Such began another traditional celebration of the Feast of St. Lucia…which, this year, happened to fall upon Gaudete Sunday.

The day has been full…from our early rising, to Mass, to the parish Christmas party…we’ve made memories galore and have captured a few sweet images I’d like to share.  Here’s a quick peek at the day’s fun:

Emily’s first time serving as St. Lucia…she’s so very serious:

Two giggly girls…

Making up after a quick “spat”:

A pensive moment for our young “saint:”

And now the parish Christmas party…very well attended:

Our beloved pastor…and an amazing pianist, Fr. Kevin Lutz:

Oh, my goodness!  It’s St. Nicholas!  And the dreaded Krampus:

Have you been a good girl, Emily?  The Krampus is not so sure…

“Pray for the poor…be a good girl!”

Charlotte’s not afraid…she’s with the Patron Saint of Children!

How about you, Gareth?  Have you been very, very good?

Good Ol’ St. Nick thinks you’ve been pretty good…

And how about Galahad?  St. Nick asked him if he wanted to be a priest and told him to strive for holiness.  Words of wisdom for us all!

And now, off to bed. May God grant you joy and peace as you continue your Advent journey towards the crib in Bethlehem…