Another happy note:  I’ve finally set up our February liturgical display.  I missed the entire month of January.  It’s good to be back on track and I’m actually looking forward to the Holy Season of Lent!

That nifty Lenten calendar can be found here at Catholic Icing.  Thanks, Lacy!

Instructions for the crown of thorns can be found here.

Don’t you love this image of Christ in the desert?  It really sets the tone for what Lent is all about…time in the desert.  By the way…here is a link for last year’s post on Lent.  I’m still mulling over the other ways that our family will give up, take up, let go and accept all that God has in store for us throughout the Holy Season.  And I highly recommend the Fasting Bread recipe on that page…we used cranberries and walnuts and found the substitution quite delicious.  Enjoy!