Every spring we are greeted by the scratching, chirping and otherwise birdlike disturbance from a family of robins who annually take up residence within our kitchen wall…

There is a gap in the siding which provides easy access for them.  I’ve long tolerated their presence, and just haven’t been able to bring myself to close up their favorite nesting refuge.  My teenage son and husband remind me that this space also provides an opening for water, wind and all the other forces of nature…including any other wildlife that might decide to take up residence once the robins vacate.

Nevertheless for three years we’ve watched a succession of baby robins leave their well-sheltered nest…birdsong is our only reward, and is one that I long for as winter continues to tighten its grasp upon the land.

But the gap must be closed.  Our robins must look for a new home…one that hopefully will be safe from our two outdoor patrol cats, Buster and Oreo.  They are quite the hunters and I’ve seen them take down more than a couple birds.

So no nest this year.  No sounds of life in my kitchen…yes, I know that sounds strange but I’ve gotten rather accustomed to it.  As we continue our wild bird study we’ll be watching to see where Mr. and Mrs. Robin Redbreast will choose to reside.  I’m anxious to welcome them…to the tree of their choice!

In the meantime, my oldest son, who is extremely creative, decided to craft me a little nest of wire and robin’s egg blue beads.  This tutorial was the inspiration…and after he gave me a few pointers, I decided to craft a couple of my own.  But I really like his…that copper wire provides a lovely contrast against the blue eggs!  I think these nests would make lovely lapel pins…just in time for Easter!