My poor, sick children are a bit stir-crazy…

Flu and cabin fever are a very poor combination. The big guys seem to weather it best…they never seem to lack for something to do…despite illness, the 16 year old completely disassembled the coffee table yesterday…repairing it’s wobbliness with the ease of an expert.

But the young ones want to go out. A couple times a day, Gareth grabs the camera and snaps a picture of the birds that are happily pecking and feeding in the bits of bare earth making an appearance from beneath a fading blanket of white…his nature study is taking place behind a glass barrier…

School was off yesterday and the day proceeded as could be expected, given the coughs, fevers and general complaints of sickness. Today the whining began in earnest. I quickly pulled out our Wild Birds of North America lapbook project and we resumed our studies.

It was the perfect remedy. We reviewed the American Robin Redbreast and the Cedar Waxwing. The wooden egg painting was a particular favorite activity and they did quite a creditable job of duplicating the eggs of both birds.

Thus far we’ve recreated habitats and nests, learned to identify songs, learned to classify and identify both genders by color and appearance and identify eggs.  Studying our feathered friends has done much to dispel the winter blues…

As for the lapbooks:

Free is good.   I’ve managed to find everything I need online, although I did create the cover page for ours and a few inserts.  The remaining inserts and activities can be gleaned from the following:

Backyard Birds Lap-n-Note

Outstanding wild bird coloring book – 50 pages

Build a bird’s nest

Little wire bird’s nest

Great templates for mini-books, flaps and folds of all sorts

Birdwatching – basic fieldcraft video

Birdwatching – woodland habitats video

Reading list:

Backyard Bird Watching for Kids: How to Attract, Feed, and Provide Homes for Birds

Birds, Nests & Eggs (Take-Along Guides)

Are You My Mother?

The Trumpet of the Swan (full color)

Kids Can Draw Birds of the World (Kids Can Draw Series)

Birds by DK

Audubon Field Guide to Wild Birds

Well…that’s about it.  It continues to come together as we explore our new topic.  Isn’t that the great thing about home education?  We fit the study to the children…to their desire to speed up or slow down.  I thank God for the gift of home education.  There’s no place like home…