…has tentatively been diagnosed with mesenteric adenitis. Which is significantly better than appendicitis! The four attending physicians who examined her were quite shocked by the ultrasound that showed what appears to be a normal appendix… I say “appears” because they’re still not completely convinced that she isn’t in the early stages of appendicitis. We are praying not…and thank all of you for your continued prayers. Mesenteric adenitis mimics appendicitis and is self-limiting as long as no other infectious agents are present. The poor little thing has been sick off and on for three weeks…first flu and now this. Her pain level is still the same… should it remain this way or increase over the next two days a CT scan will be necessary. We are hopeful that she will improve and thank God for the wonderfully kind doctors and nurses who were so very sweet, calling her “princess” and who did much to soothe the anxiety of mom and dad. Aren’t we blessed to live in a country where such amazing care is available?! We’ll keep you posted on her progress. For now, I’m cleaning and preparing for the arrival of the Grands. They’ll be here tomorrow, the Feast of St. Patrick…two great reasons to celebrate!