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April 2010

Daybook…blue skies and dirt

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FOR TODAY – April 28th, 2010

Outside My Window: frost melting from the grass and leaves, a brilliant blue sky and bright sunshine.  Cold…but not for long!  Today’s high in the 60’s.  Bring it on!

I am Listening to: Curious George, again!  It’s become a morning ritual.  Just before school, the littlest ones watch George, the olders take care of the chickens and cats and mom has a few uninterrupted moments on the computer before the work day begins…

I am wearing : Fleece pants, white turtleneck and a pink sweatshirt.  Hoping to change into something a little lighter as the day wears on…

I am Thankful For: my Michael’s improving health.  We had a kidney stone scare, thought we were out of the woods, then thought it was recurring.  It seems his problem may not be stones after all.  Have you ever heard of abdominal migraine?  This is the new possibility…it’s a diagnosis of exclusion, and given his mom’s migraine history, it’s entirely possible that this is what he’s experiencing.  Time will tell…meanwhile, everything else looks good.  No fevers or infection.  And he’s been pain free for two days.  We’re praying it continues…

I am Reading: still on Fatherless.  It’s quite a hefty tome.  I have to admit some of the subject matter makes me uncomfortable…but it is timely, well-written and permeated with the Faith.

From the Kitchen: hubby and I shared breakfast this morning…a delightful French omelette with swiss cheese, bacon and basil.  Dinner:  grilled pork loin, garlic and cheese potatoes, broccoli and sliced apples…frosted brownies for dessert.

I am Thinking: about this quote…I posted this on my Facebook page:

“If I were not a Catholic, and were looking for the true Church in the world today, I would look for the one Church which did not get along well with the world; in other words, I would look for the Church which the world hates. …if Christ is in any one of the churches of the world today, He must still be hated as He ……was when He was on earth in the flesh…” ~Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

I am Creating: gardens!   Earth-hungry fingers are just itching to dig into the freshly tilled soil.  The kitchen garden is ready for planting…all of my little seedlings are yearning for fresh air and sunlight.  The big garden is nearly tilled…rain halted our progress, hubby just needs to make one more pass to mellow the earth.  In my mind’s eye, I’m walking amongst the rows of Jade beans, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, peppers, etc…this is such an exciting time!

On my iPod: if you own an iPod or MP3 player, do you ever feel that the headphones “separate” you from your family?  Perhaps this is why I spend more time in applications, and less time in Podcasts and music.  I can’t stand that feeling of locking out the rest of my family, while my ears and mind are otherwise occupied.  I can always stop reading or “doing,” but I always feel guilty when I’m listening to something, and someone says “MOM!” and, after the third time, I finally hear them!  I just wondered if anyone else ever feels this way…that sometimes using the iPod’s audio feature is like putting up a great, big “DO NOT DISTURB” sign…

Towards a Real Education: just…about…burned…out.  But…I’m also encouraged.  The Dayton Homeschool Conference takes place in a couple weeks.  Looking forward to the hearing the many wonderful speakers in this year’s program.  And the company of a few friends…

To Live the Liturgy: As we approach the “Mary” month of May, I hope to spend more time reflecting on the role that our Blessed Mother has in our lives.  I’ll be resurrecting my “Something About Mary” posts from a couple years ago, as well as adding a few new reflections.

Also, on First Saturday we have the privilege of attending the diaconate ordination of one our parishionersa wonderful opportunity for my good young men to get an up close view of this step towards the holy priesthood…

I am Hoping and Praying: that my Michael continues to remain pain-free.  That my dear friends, the Smiths, will be able to sell their home and reunite their family to live the new adventure that God has set before them, that the senseless persecution against our Holy Father will soon cease and that all who attack the Body of Christ be humbled…

In the Garden: harvesting herbs.  Garlic chives on an omelette?  Delish.

Around the House: the mudroom is staying clean!  Hurray!  And empty!  Double Hurray!!  The laundry has been caught up for nearly a week.  How long can I sustain this?  Here’s hoping and praying…

On Keeping Home: Have you ever had to shake yourself out of a really nasty habit?  Two days ago, I found something lying on the buffet that didn’t belong there.  I picked it up, walked into the kitchen (my original path of intention) and PUT IT ON TOP OF THE REFRIGERATOR!!!  Are you getting this?  I took something that was in the wrong place, and put it in the next “wrong place!”  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I picked up the article, found its owner and within a few seconds that thingy was on its way to its proper destination.  All this took just a few extra seconds…this is my problem.  I’m full of good intentions.  I long to keep surfaces clean and tidy, but have those “catch-all” places…the kitchen junk drawer, the top of the fridge, the two drawers in the buffet…all of these places for those little “unknowns.”  It’s not huge, but it’s rooted heavily in sloth…kind of like that guy or gal that pushes the grocery cart all the way to the cart return caddy, and leaves it pushed up against the outside!  Laziness…there’s the enemy.  I’ll be working to slay that deadly sin this week…one teeny, tiny step at a time!

One of My Favorite Things: repairing a heavily virused computer all by my lil’ ol’ self.  For two days my computer was hit by the worst malware/scareware/fake virus warning garbage.  It took me 8 total hours to undo the damage, but it’s done!  And hubby didn’t have to take his time off (which is precious little) to work on yet another computer.  It was such an ordeal…I’ve given birth in less time and with less suffering than that crazy computer caused me yesterday ;-D

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: I want to go outside.  Soak up sunshine and warmth.  See if the path to the woods is dry…look for wildflowers and such.

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

Our first harvest…the kitchen garden gave us this lovely crop of rocks:

Look at these hard workers…I kept thinking of Dickon and Mary in the Secret Garden…they both love gardening so much!

The chickens had their own bumper crop to harvest…a variety of grubs and worms!


Happy Feast of St. George!

From the cast and crew of St. George and the Dragon…we wish you a very happy feast day!

And feast we shall…right after we slay this dragon:

BTW:  We managed to host a performance of our little play this evening for daddy and big brother…despite the fact that the cast forgot their lines, the camera ran out of memory, our good “Saint” ran out of patience and our dear “Priest” is recovering from kidney issues…it was wonderful!  We’re going to polish up our performances, fix the camera (or borrow one!) and then, perhaps, we’ll have a video to share.  Meanwhile, as I said before…we have our memories!  And a few photos…


St. George and the Dragon…a preview!

What fun we had yesterday afternoon assembling costumes and props, as well as rehearsing our very own rendition of St. George and the Dragon!  My children are natural comedians…if only you could hear the dialogue that took place during most of the practice…Joseph’s “king” is more of a Groucho Marx kind of guy and his performance elicited non-stop giggles from actors and spectators alike.  He promises to be a bit more serious on opening night (which is Friday)…the director greatly appreciates it!  The director is also hoping that she can address the video issues with her camera…it will be so sad if we don’t have an actual video.  Video or not, we have memories…ever so much better!  Here are few images from our practice:

A fearsome dragon is terrorizing the village...
The innocent and unsuspecting are most vulnerable...

Who will save the townspeople from its wrath?
Even the king is not spared...his little daughter must be sacrificed!
No more lambs!!!
The poor princess bravely prepares to meet her fate...
The dragon sees its victim...
The priest has come to offer counsel to the king...
At last! A champion! Good St. George has come to save the people...
The king offers his daughter to save the people...
St. George sets her free...
...and vanquishes the frightful beast!
Secured by her belt, the princess leads the meek dragon to her father...
St. George accepts no payment but asks that the people be baptized and turn to God...
The princess is the first to receive the Sacrament...

Not completely historical and frequently hysterical…this is such fun, and delightful way to prepare for what promises to be a happy celebration of the Feast of St. George!


Daybook…chilly Spring day edition!

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FOR TODAY – April 19th, 2010

Outside My Window: A bright yellow sun in an electric blue sky…but it’s cold!  A chilly breeze is wafting the scent of lilacs…tomorrow promises a bit more warmth…

I am Listening to: the post-lunch crowd completing their lessons.  I love it when the boys assist the little girls in their schoolwork! Thus I have a bit of time for this post…

I am wearing : blue jeans, pale blue turtleneck and navy sweatshirt.  Yes…it is really that cold!

I am Thankful For: A hubby who spent the weekend painting my picnic table frame, repairing the brakes on the truck, building a ramp to the chicken coop for our six new chicks, mowing the yard, restringing my clothesline and planning my garden.  I accomplished very little compared to him!

I am Reading: Fatherless! My copy finally arrived!  And Simplicity Parenting…a very kind, very gentle and lovely book which affirms much of what we already embrace…

From the Kitchen: A delicious orange pound cake (baked by a friend!) with hot coffee for mom and dad.  My sweet hubby surprised me by beating me to the coffee pot this morning, preparing this sweet repast for just the two of us.  For lunch:  leftover grilled chicken on whole wheat bread.  For dinner:  Ribollita and homemade breadsticks.  Dessert:  the most amazing homemade banana pudding…at least what’s left of it from last night…yum, yum, yum!

I am Thinking: about the virtue of charity.  There’s been much discussion on the web regarding kindness and unkindness. About judging one’s neighbor and calling it a “christian” act.  Ultimately, it’s all about charity, or love, if you will.  I’m working a bit harder at looking at my own motives when questioning those of others.  Do I love the one whom I’m seeking to correct?  Is it my place?  Upon what do I base my decision?  Is it love or pride?  How do I best emulate Christ in this situation? Is my silence for my comfort and convenience, or is it a Christ-like embrace of the virtue of temperance and charity? Weighty questions worthy of deep reflection…

I am Creating: a play!  I’ve written a play (rather silly, but original!) for the children to celebrate the Feast of St. George.  Based on the Golden Legend of St. George and the Dragon.   We’re assembling the costumes and props and will begin our practice tomorrow.  This should be great fun and I promise to record it!

On my iPod: Faith and Family Live’s Greatness in our Teenagers podcast. I love FFL!

Towards a Real Education: Relaxing to smell the roses, pick the dandelions and make those memories with my young ones.  It’s over all too soon…

To Live the Liturgy: this Friday we’ll celebrate the Feast of St. George.  We’ll slay a dragon, read and color, drink tea and eat a lot of cake…

I am Hoping and Praying: for peace and charity in all conversations.  Let kindness prevail!

In the Garden: My herb beds are already nearly overflowing.  Mostly from my plants which successfully wintered over.  We have oregano, curly parsley, sage, rosemary, onion chives, stevia and peppermint.  To be planted:  basil, thyme, cilantro, dill and savory.

Around the House: nearly on top of the laundry.  The rest of the house is a bit untidy.  The master bedroom, however, remains in good order…

On Keeping Home: we’ve enjoyed our dandelion syrup so much that I’ve found a couple other nifty recipes:  this salad was delicious and these muffins look like worthy recipients of said dandelion syrup…I’ll let you know!

One of My Favorite Things: warm spring days.  Here’s hoping they return and soon!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: practice on our play, encourage my hubby to work on the minivan (I’m desperate!  The creek is beckoning…) and continue to plug away at core subjects.

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

No thought…just a document.  Our St. George and the Dragon play:


Sunshine in a jar…

From the field…

To the basket…

To the stovetop…

To the jar…

Dandelion syrup. Drizzled over warm cornbread…it’s like sunshine in a jar…


Happy Feast of St. Bernadette

Happy Feast of St. Bernadette…and Happy Birthday, Holy Father!

And an anniversary of sorts…a very important one…in my life. Today marks the anniversary of my “heart conversion.” A favor, granted through the intercession of St. Bernadette in 1995, that changed everything…

St. Bernadette Soubirous pray for us!

Enjoy this beautiful video and remember: Heaven is your true home! Your Mother and Father are waiting…


Embracing Tradition Planner – updated


A big “thank you” to a dear reader who found a great big “typo” in the May Calendar pages.  The problem has been corrected, and the pages replaced.  Be sure to discard past copies of those two pages and reprint.  Once again…this is how you help keep this resource up to date and accurate!  Thanks again…

I’ve received so much positive feedback from users of the Embracing Tradition Planner.  There have been literally thousands of hits and downloads on my Scribd account and I’m so thrilled to be able to offer this resource for Catholic moms…particularly those who are using the Traditional Church calendar according to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  I’ve made a few updates to the files…I’ve included an instruction page for assembly, blank templates for those who want make their own (especially useful for those following the newer Church calendar!) and have added pages for September, October, November and December of 2010.  Thanks to the observant mom who reminded me to update those pages…the Planner is woefully incomplete without them!

Please let me know if you find any errors or if I’ve left anything out.  If there’s something you’d like to see in this planner, feel free to let me know.  I don’t have an editor and rely on all the “free” advice I can get…that’s how I manage to keep the Planner “free…”  As long as I don’t have to spend a disproportionate amount of time updating and looking for errors, it makes updating it that much easier.  Thanks so much for your support…


Ode to Spring

Ode to Spring
by Anna Laetitia Aikin (1773)

Hope waits upon the flowery prime.

SWEET daughter of a rough and stormy fire,
Hoar Winter’s blooming child ; delightful Spring !
Whose unshorn locks with leaves
And swelling buds are crowned ;

From the green islands of eternal youth,
(Crown’d with fresh blooms, and ever springing shade,)
Turn, hither turn thy step,
O thou, whose powerful voice
More sweet than softest touch of Doric reed,
Or Lydian flute, can sooth the madding winds,
And thro’ the stormy deep
Breathe thy own tender calm.

Thee, best belov’d ! the virgin train await
With songs and festal rites, and joy to rove
Thy blooming wilds among,
And vales and dewy lawns,

With untir’d feet ; and cull thy earliest sweets
To weave fresh garlands for the glowing brow
Of him, the favour’d youth
That prompts their whisper’d sigh.

Unlock thy copious stores ; those tender showers
That drop their sweetness on the infant buds,
And silent dews that swell
The milky ear’s green stem.

And feed the slowering osier’s early shoots ;
And call those winds which thro’ the whispering boughs
With warm and pleasant breath
Salute the blowing flowers.

Now let me sit beneath the whitening thorn,
And mark thy spreading tints steal o’er the dale ;
And watch with patient eye
Thy fair unfolding charms.

O nymph approach ! while yet the temperate sun
With bashful forehead, thro’ the cool moist air
Throws his young maiden beams,
And with chaste kisses woes

The earth’s fair bosom ; while the streaming veil
Of lucid clouds with kind and frequent shade
Protect thy modest blooms
From his severer blaze.

Sweet is thy reign, but short ; The red dog-star
Shall scorch thy tresses, and the mower’s scythe
Thy greens, thy flow’rets all,
Remorseless shall destroy.

Reluctant shall I bid thee then farewel ;
For O, not all the Autumn’s lap contains,
Nor Summer’s ruddiest fruits,
Can aught for thee atone

Fair Spring ! whose simplest promise more delights
Than all their largest wealth, and thro’ the heart
Each joy and new-born hope
With softest influence breathes.

Daybook…delightful Spring!

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FOR TODAY – April 12th, 2010

Outside My Window: a world of yellow and gold.  Spring is loudly, boldly proclaiming its presence with a veritable orchestra of sights and sounds.  Open windows, cool breezes and birdsong.  Trees cloaked in delicate green, some festooned with frothy white blooms.  Lilacs and hyacinth scent the air.  When I consider that all this beauty is a mere shadow of the glory of Heaven it takes my breath away…

I am Listening to: the cheerful chatter of a monkey.  Curious George, that is!  The morning’s indulgence before school starts…and it’s buying mom a little computer time…

I am wearing : Blue jeans and a paisley peasant blouse.  Still have the ankle brace.

I am Thankful For: my reconstructed picnic table!  My men worked all weekend on fix it projects…this one was at the top of my list.  Today we’re having lunch al fresco…

I’m also thankful for the amazing 3 shelf grow light rack that my guys made…my trays of seedlings, cuttings and sprouts are wonderfully accommodated.  All it needs is a coat of paint.  All in all, it was a very productive weekend…

I am Reading: Virgil’s Aeneid.  Also awaiting my copy of Fatherless…I can’t wait to read this one!  Check out this review…

From the Kitchen: hot coffee and toast with pumpkin butter.  A picnic lunch…sandwiches and fruit.  Dinner:  Grilled butterflied chicken, garlic and cheese mashed potatoes, broccoli and salad.

I am Thinking: about mercy.  We returned to Church yesterday afternoon to participate in our parish’s Divine Mercy celebration.  Seeing the long lines at the four confessional stations was thrilling.  Even more thrilling?  Seeing my whole family in those lines…and this:  Abigail.  She was not pleased when she saw that Father Lutz was not hearing confessions at the time we arrived (he was attending to other pastoral needs and would be hearing confessions a little later).  Abigail boldly approached Father, waiting for his conversation with another parishioner to come to an end.  “She only wants you Father…she considers you her “confessor” and will settle for no one else!”  His smile was beautiful…he took Abigail by the hand and lead her to a pew and heard her confession.  She was one happy girl…

I am Creating: This week I’m working on necessary updates to my Control Journal and Embracing Tradition notebooks.  I’ve been engaged in conversation with a few moms on the helpfulness of these tools.  Lately, I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants and have missed these “touch stones.”  I don’t believe that every mom needs to live by lists and charts…but I have a feeling that I do!  I need a list…little boxes that I can “check off”.  With the challenges of homemaking, and that feeling that it’s just never done, those little boxes show progress and help me to focus…

On my iPod: a lot of Coldplay.  And Gregorian Chant.  No…I don’t see any compatibility issues!

Towards a Real Education: Crunch time.  This is as real as it gets…we’re working on finishing up the core subjects…there’s an enormous sturdy walled above-ground swimming pool in a box on my front porch (a gift from a precious friend…thanks Renee!)   I foresee a lot of swimming and soon.  We must finish up…

Towards Rhythm and Beauty: A couple years ago I wrote Graveyard or Haven?

I’ve really been working hard to create that haven.  Our master bedroom is a pleasant space.  Three large windows fill the room with light…it’s a large room, with a decorative non-working fireplace and a lovely view from every window.  I’ve stripped the bed of its dark linens, replacing everything with springy-fresh colors and cool, crisp Egyptian cotton.  His n’ her night tables with his n’ her reading materials…I’ve tried really hard to allow hubby complete autonomy over his night table…in his case usefulness outweighs aesthetics!  For myself, I prefer a few neatly stacked books, a small lamp and a vase of flowers…yes!  I’ll take beauty, thank you very much!  Our bed is a queen-size pencil post bed…I have my eye on this beautiful filmy-white canopy that I think will enhance the overall effect.  Add to that the sweet little couch that Clementine left behind, situated beneath the window with the very best view and the results are quite charming.  My next goal?  Remove the computer desk!  Hubby has a laptop, I have my iPod touch and there are two computers in the classroom.  The bedroom shouldn’t be an office…and if it must at times, at least it shouldn’t look like one!  Now as for my sewing table…that’s another story!  It converts nicely into a credenza of sorts…a nice place for a lamp and a few photos, and then quickly and easily can be utilized for sewing projects.  Is there a double standard here?

Possibly!  Nonetheless…it’s nice to have a refuge.  It sets the tone for the rest of the home.  How can I expect the children to care about their private spaces if I give little care to the “heart of the home?”  I can’t!

To Live the Liturgy: oh, we’re living Easter.  It is joy here…

I am Hoping and Praying: Please join our family praying for the repose of the soul of Margaret Heim.  She passed away Saturday evening, unexpectedly.  She was the mother of my son-in-law and paternal grandmother to my grandchildren.  May her soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed rest in peace…

In the Garden: Maximilian cleared the Mary Garden yesterday.  The rose bushes are greening nicely.  The lilies that Abigail planted in remembrance of her First Confession are re-emerging.  Yesterday, Daddy allowed each of the children to choose a plant or two.  Today, we’ll plant pink and white hyacinths, pansies, snapdragons, rosemary and stevia. A nice start to a long standing family tradition…

Around the House: seedlings growing larger day by day.  Children busily working on core subjects…

On Keeping Home: Mom is surveying the laundry room and wishing for more clothes pins (where, oh where do those things disappear?)

One of My Favorite Things: Kind Conversation. I’m enjoying this so much…it is truly the kinder, gentler version of Facebook and it’s for Moms!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Going to try to walk to the woods.  With this bum ankle, it just might be a challenge, but I’m itching to go!  It’s such a lovely place…

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

A few scenes from Divine Mercy Sunday:

On the way to confession…

Bits of beauty along an inner city sidewalk…

Yummy-delicious Strawberry Trifle in honor of the Divine Mercy of Jesus:


Daybook…Happy Easter Week!

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FOR TODAY – April 5th, 2010

Outside My Window: Cloudy and mild.  Wet patches on the walkway from this morning’s thunderstorm.  I never thought waking up to thunder and lightning could bring such pleasure, but it does.  Each boom loudly proclaims:  Spring is here!  Spring is here!  Rejoice…Spring is here!

I am Listening to: the chatter of my dear son, Michael.  He’s always the first up and full of conversation.  He won’t mind me saying so!

I am wearing : Olive drab capris and a long sleeved t-shirt.  And an ankle brace.  Looks like surgery is on the horizon once again.  I have an accessory navicular.  Sounds intriguing, hmm?  Unfortunately, since my days as a gymnast (don’t laugh…I’m warning you!) it has plagued me nonstop.  Injury after injury.  A few good years in between…and then injury again.  Now constant pain.  The ankle brace helps, but it seems the only permanent solution is to just get rid of the thing.  Like those ugly tonsils, it’s not a friend, is unnecessary and a source of continued suffering.  And it is limiting my abilities to hike and have fun with my children.  But I HATE surgery.  I’m the poster kid for “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong…”  Lord…help me to be brave and just get it over with.

I am Thankful For: Easter.  For my Risen King.  For the beauty of the Mass, for the sweetness of my children, for the helpfulness and love of my husband, for the incredible meal we shared yesterday (that lamb was beyond amazing!), for the fun of the egg hunt and for the quiet evening that followed, for an early bedtime…

I am Reading: Re-reading Captains Courageous. A must read for every young man, and does a mother’s heart good to remember how these young boys want nothing more than the noble pursuit of manhood, clear-cut messages, and that spoiling a child is one of the worst forms of abuse…

From the Kitchen: Yummy-delicious leftovers.  That lamb is going to make the most delicious stew this evening!  I’ll be fighting off the children all day for the remainders of the strawberry trifle…there’s so much feasting left to do!  This morning, it’s hot coffee and sausage links with fresh-from-the-chicken eggs.

I am Thinking: that we’re blessed to not live according to the ways of the world.  Right now, the world is through with Easter.  We know that Easter has only just begun!  The Resurrection is to be lived everyday, in the here-and-now…yes…we are blessed…

I am Creating: a home where the message of Easter will be lived, as well as we are able, every day. 

On my iPod: I found a nifty application for teenagers studying for their permit/license.  My guy will love it…it’s called Drivers Ed

Towards a Real Education: Oh, the children…they are so devious!  They are lobbying intently for the cancellation of school since every day this week is a First Class Feast Day.  But we’ve had such laxity in our school days since the Grands visit.  So…core subjects today.  We’re working towards Summer break.  We either “pay now or pay later.”  I’d rather pay now…

Towards Rhythm and Beauty: Removing all the fresh flowers from the house.  “What?!!” you say?  “Aren’t flowers beautiful?”  Only if they don’t cause severe sinus headaches, coughing and sneezing in the allergy kid…so…goodbye daffodils…perhaps Zachary’s allergy symptoms will abate, soon!

To Live the Liturgy: Continue our celebration of Easter.  We’ve made our own Paschal Candle for the first time and it’s lovely to light it during our evening meal…

I am Hoping and Praying: Continuing our prayers for the Holy Father and the Church…and for those who continue to spread falsehood…“Thou shalt not bear false witness…”

In the Garden: A funny thing:  Several weeks ago, Abigail sprouted her own potato plant.  I’d often done this as a child, and thought she would enjoy seeing just how quickly this plant would grow.  She called it her “pet potato” and named it Jack.  Well…Jack grew and grew.  The plant was enormous!!  Eventually, however, the soil could no longer support Jack’s crazy growth, and the plant began to die.  Yesterday, we pulled Jack out of the pot she’d planted him in and lo!  Five lovely potatoes were clinging to his roots!  Abigail was ecstatic…she calls them his “babies!”  This is excellent preparation for digging potatoes this summer…

Around the House: Things are fairly tidy, despite yesterday’s revelry.  Laundry to wash, as usual.

On Keeping Home: Nothing special, just an observation:  I’m so thankful that my husband encourages all the activities and actions that I undertake to create an environment that is so distinctly Catholic and faith-filled.  We’re not attempting an Ethan Allen showcase home…just a home where our faith is apparent in all we do.

One of My Favorite Things:  Strawberries and Cream Trifle. I don’t use the sugar-free pudding mix…we avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Relax, rejoice and rejuvenate…

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

Easter fun at home:


He is risen, Alleluia!

He is risen, indeed…Alleluia!

A joyful Easter to you and yours…may you feel in your heart and soul the hope and promise of the Resurrection!


Daybook…Blessed Triduum!

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FOR TODAY – April 1st, 2010

Outside My Window: Windy and warm…the bright yellow sun dominates the noon sky.  Wispy white clouds are skittering by rapidly.   Current temperature:  72 degrees…and rising!

I am Listening to: silence and the soft cheeping of our new baby chicks.

Aren’t they adorable?  Six Golden Comet pullets.  What can I say?  We love organic eggs!

The children are outside…do you blame them?  A combination of chores and fun provide mom with a much needed respite.  It’s a migraine day…the pain has lessened somewhat, but it was a doozy around 3:00 a.m.  Silence…is…good.

I am wearing : Pastel tie-dyed long sleeve t-shirt and gray sweats.  Hair in a messy pony tail.  House cleaning attire…

I am Thankful For: my dear husband who let me sleep in this morning and the precious child that brought me hot coffee in bed.

I am Pondering: the beauty of the Triduum.  From Holy Thursday, to Good Friday and then Holy Saturday…there is so much to reflect upon as we await the glory of Easter.  For the next three days the mantle will reflect these mysteries.  Today’s image:  The Last Supper.  And these words:

“This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me.”

I am Reading: very little beyond the occasional blog post.  The news has been so depressing, scandal and controversy…my poor brain needs a rest!

From the Kitchen: tonight we’ll share bread and wine…a few greens with vinegar…in memory of the Passover our Lord shared with His disciples.  I’ve not been industrious enough to attempt an authentic seder…this will suffice.

Two meatless meals for Good Friday and Holy Saturday…and then the great Feast of Easter!  Here’s  a peek at our menu:

Roasted Lamb with Apple-Mint Sauce

Honey-Apple Glazed Spiral Ham

Garlic and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

Broccoli Casserole

Corn Pudding

Baked Apples filled with chocolate and nuts

Touch of Grace Biscuits

Strawberries and Cream Trifle

Lamb and Crown of Thorns Cake

Easter Cupcakes

A feast fit for Christ the King!

I am Thinking: that this has been such a long Lent…we’ve redoubled our efforts, committing ourselves to end Lent with a real desire to unite our offerings with Christ’s suffering.  It’s been a real challenge this year…

I am Creating:  The Chloe Cardigan is a disaster.  My measurements were way off for my little pixie…this sweater will fit a 12 yr. old!  Thank heaven’s for last year’s crocheted boleros and the promise of a very warm Easter morning…I “freshened up” Abigail’s bolero by ripping out the yellow ruffle and replacing it with white…it looks lovely with her dress.  She and Rylee have matching dresses…this is probably the last year that they’ll dress alike…

On my iPod: I love the ease of taking my iPod to Adoration.  The Church is so dark…devotional reading is difficult due to lack of light.  The illuminated screen and adjustable text helps tremendously…and no books to carry!  IPieta has many lovely devotional texts and prayers…It’s an incredible resource.

Towards a Real Education: the children never cease to amaze me…I’ve been sick most of the week, school has been so sporadic…they’ve undertaken the study of flags from around the world all on their own.  They’ve studied an drawn over twenty different flags so far!  Sometimes I think I get in the way of their learning ;-D

Towards Rhythm and Beauty: Lots of blooming flowers around the house.  A mantle that reflects the season/liturgy.  Open windows and fluttering curtains.  Sunlight slanting through the blinds…

To Live the Liturgy: This Friday we’ll light our homemade Stations of the Cross candles for the last time.   Latin Mass this evening, Good Friday Liturgy tomorrow…a sealed tomb and then the glory of the Resurrection.  Easter Sunday is nearly here…

I am Hoping and Praying: for our dear Holy Father.  That this senseless, unfounded and erroneous persecution will cease.  The devil will do anything he can to distract us from the beauty of this Holy Week…

In the Garden: 10 lbs. of seed potatoes…Kennebecs and Pontiacs.  Shallots and red onions.  Not planted yet…but we’ll be ready!  Lots of little seedlings popping up in their little greenhouses…I’m anxious to plant!

Around the House: Easter baskets waiting to be filled.  Eggs to boil and decorate.  Cascarones to fill and seal.  Plastic eggs to stuff for our Easter egg hunt. And four young men with brand new haircut from Chez Mom…

On Keeping Home: Spring cleaning has been poorly accomplished this year.  Ah, well…we’ve done what we could despite sickness and are satisfied that we’ve done our best.  And that’s enough…

One of My Favorite Things: Easter.  Spring.  Resurrection.  That’s more than one, but I could go on and on…

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Enjoy this beautiful weather.  Feast after a long winter of fasting…buckle down on our school work in anticipation of summer break.  We still have much to do…

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing: A few images from our Thursday:

Egg shells drying in the sun…soon they’ll become cascarones.

Our Holy Thursday mantle


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