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FOR TODAY – April 1st, 2010

Outside My Window: Windy and warm…the bright yellow sun dominates the noon sky.  Wispy white clouds are skittering by rapidly.   Current temperature:  72 degrees…and rising!

I am Listening to: silence and the soft cheeping of our new baby chicks.

Aren’t they adorable?  Six Golden Comet pullets.  What can I say?  We love organic eggs!

The children are outside…do you blame them?  A combination of chores and fun provide mom with a much needed respite.  It’s a migraine day…the pain has lessened somewhat, but it was a doozy around 3:00 a.m.  Silence…is…good.

I am wearing : Pastel tie-dyed long sleeve t-shirt and gray sweats.  Hair in a messy pony tail.  House cleaning attire…

I am Thankful For: my dear husband who let me sleep in this morning and the precious child that brought me hot coffee in bed.

I am Pondering: the beauty of the Triduum.  From Holy Thursday, to Good Friday and then Holy Saturday…there is so much to reflect upon as we await the glory of Easter.  For the next three days the mantle will reflect these mysteries.  Today’s image:  The Last Supper.  And these words:

“This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me.”

I am Reading: very little beyond the occasional blog post.  The news has been so depressing, scandal and controversy…my poor brain needs a rest!

From the Kitchen: tonight we’ll share bread and wine…a few greens with vinegar…in memory of the Passover our Lord shared with His disciples.  I’ve not been industrious enough to attempt an authentic seder…this will suffice.

Two meatless meals for Good Friday and Holy Saturday…and then the great Feast of Easter!  Here’s  a peek at our menu:

Roasted Lamb with Apple-Mint Sauce

Honey-Apple Glazed Spiral Ham

Garlic and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

Broccoli Casserole

Corn Pudding

Baked Apples filled with chocolate and nuts

Touch of Grace Biscuits

Strawberries and Cream Trifle

Lamb and Crown of Thorns Cake

Easter Cupcakes

A feast fit for Christ the King!

I am Thinking: that this has been such a long Lent…we’ve redoubled our efforts, committing ourselves to end Lent with a real desire to unite our offerings with Christ’s suffering.  It’s been a real challenge this year…

I am Creating:  The Chloe Cardigan is a disaster.  My measurements were way off for my little pixie…this sweater will fit a 12 yr. old!  Thank heaven’s for last year’s crocheted boleros and the promise of a very warm Easter morning…I “freshened up” Abigail’s bolero by ripping out the yellow ruffle and replacing it with white…it looks lovely with her dress.  She and Rylee have matching dresses…this is probably the last year that they’ll dress alike…

On my iPod: I love the ease of taking my iPod to Adoration.  The Church is so dark…devotional reading is difficult due to lack of light.  The illuminated screen and adjustable text helps tremendously…and no books to carry!  IPieta has many lovely devotional texts and prayers…It’s an incredible resource.

Towards a Real Education: the children never cease to amaze me…I’ve been sick most of the week, school has been so sporadic…they’ve undertaken the study of flags from around the world all on their own.  They’ve studied an drawn over twenty different flags so far!  Sometimes I think I get in the way of their learning ;-D

Towards Rhythm and Beauty: Lots of blooming flowers around the house.  A mantle that reflects the season/liturgy.  Open windows and fluttering curtains.  Sunlight slanting through the blinds…

To Live the Liturgy: This Friday we’ll light our homemade Stations of the Cross candles for the last time.   Latin Mass this evening, Good Friday Liturgy tomorrow…a sealed tomb and then the glory of the Resurrection.  Easter Sunday is nearly here…

I am Hoping and Praying: for our dear Holy Father.  That this senseless, unfounded and erroneous persecution will cease.  The devil will do anything he can to distract us from the beauty of this Holy Week…

In the Garden: 10 lbs. of seed potatoes…Kennebecs and Pontiacs.  Shallots and red onions.  Not planted yet…but we’ll be ready!  Lots of little seedlings popping up in their little greenhouses…I’m anxious to plant!

Around the House: Easter baskets waiting to be filled.  Eggs to boil and decorate.  Cascarones to fill and seal.  Plastic eggs to stuff for our Easter egg hunt. And four young men with brand new haircut from Chez Mom…

On Keeping Home: Spring cleaning has been poorly accomplished this year.  Ah, well…we’ve done what we could despite sickness and are satisfied that we’ve done our best.  And that’s enough…

One of My Favorite Things: Easter.  Spring.  Resurrection.  That’s more than one, but I could go on and on…

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Enjoy this beautiful weather.  Feast after a long winter of fasting…buckle down on our school work in anticipation of summer break.  We still have much to do…

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing: A few images from our Thursday:

Egg shells drying in the sun…soon they’ll become cascarones.

Our Holy Thursday mantle