Ah, May…warm air stirs the budding leaves and grasses.  Sun and rain.  Cloud and blue.  Few months are quite as perfect…is it any wonder we give the best of the twelve months to our Lady?  Does the Mother of our Lord deserve any less?

Today is May 1st…and First Saturday…and the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  Thrice we honor our Lady on this day!  We acknowledge the month of May as Hers alone.  We honor Her promises…the promises of the very best Mother.  And we honor Her most beloved spouse…St. Joseph.

A wonderful way to begin the “Mary” month of May is with the tradition of the May Altar.  Our family is clearing the mantle this morning…it is the focal point in our family room, and the perfect place to honor our dear Mother.  Candles and flowers…a beautiful statue.  Freshened daily with loving care to honor the Holy Mother of God.

This short poem, The May Altar,  beautifully captures the tradition:


Beneath her statue in its niche,
(Let busy skeptics gaze and glower!)
Engather flowers, fresh and sweet,
Proclaim this Mary’s hour….

Poppies for her mother-heart
Wounded past the mind’s belief,
Lilies for her purity,
Lilacs for her grief,

For this the fairest blooms were plucked
And placed below her image there,
To offer beauty as a gift
And fragrance as a prayer.

Columbia Journal. May 1954.

A beautiful beginning to a beautiful month…