At yesterday’s mass, our good priest heartily encouraged his flock to embrace the tradition of the May Altar.  How thrilling to hear him say this!  It has been a tradition for many years, and as I had just posted on the very subject the day prior, it seemed confirmation that this action is truly pleasing to God and worthy of undertaking. Ours is not at all elaborate…we utilize the mantle in our family room, due to its position of prominence…it is the first place the eyes rest upon when entering the room.  A garland of artificial flowers surrounds our Lady, making up for the lack of fresh blooms.  Two vases holding fresh lilacs flank each side of the statue (and, hopefully very soon, peonies, irises, roses and a host of wildflowers as they bloom).  Two tall tapers and our paschal candle, along with the ‘Alleluia’ blocks complete the effect.  Any little niche you have, will do. I’d say, most families already have a little side table or shelf that is currently holding a statue of our Lady…this is perfect.   Intention is everything…love makes up for the rest!                                                                                                                                                                                            Blessings,