Today I’ve been immersed in caring for home and hearth…beds stripped, sheets washed and the endless folding and putting away that goes with the weekday wash.  I’d wanted to write an original post, but instead find myself offering you a re-post of something I wrote a couple years ago, about our Lady’s “little house.”  It seems rather appropriate, however, to post this repeat.  There’s nothing wrong with spending the day in service to one’s home and family…the blog is only ever a mirror of the day, and those things beautiful enough, useful enough to share with the rest of the world. Here’s my offering for the “Mary” Month of May:

There have been so many blogging posts of late focused on housekeeping. It’s quite clear, that our womanly vocation as “keeper of the house” and “home-maker,” is not without challenges. What a comfort it is, during those times we feel overwhelmed, to remember that Our Lady, too, had to balance the responsibilities of housekeeping, mothering, and ministering to those around Her.

Our Lady had a house.

She prepared meals, swept the hearth, rocked the baby and nursed Him, she aided the poor, she is frequently shown in great works of art knitting, sewing, spinning and weaving. She washed dishes and laundry.

Later, after Her precious Son’s death and resurrection, She was given charge of humanity, Her motherly role thus expanded to include all of mankind. She continued to “keep house,” caring for St. John, with the same motherly tenderness She so wishes to lavish upon us all. Imagine…the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Queen of the Angels, Mother of God–no crown, no scepter, no royal robe…just a broom, her “mantle,” and a hearth.

A life of service. Living life as Her own dear Son did, illustrating by Her very way of life, that “the last shall be first, and the first shall be last…”