The floral wreath I made for our Lady long ago has vanished.  It was nothing more than a woven wreath, with little silk flowers stitched here and there.  Since then, our Lady has been given paper crowns, tin foil crowns, woven wire crowns, each lovingly crafted just in the nick of time for Mother’s Day and a homemade May Crowning ceremony.

Saturday found me with the same dilemma:  limited resources and the need for a crown for our Lady.  Rummaging around the house for ideas, I focused on the materials at hand.  Here’s what I found:

Dad’s stash of Yoplait yogurt containers (saved for planting seeds and cuttings)

Gold paint and glitter glue

Hot glue gun

Silk flowers

String of pearl-like beads

Hmm…I was pretty sure I could come up with something suitable.   Having determined the diameter necessary  to fit our statue, it seemed the yogurt container would be the perfect fit.  I sketched the crown, cut it out and applied 3 or 4 coats of the gold paint.  Note to self:  spray paint would probably work better, dry faster and streak less.  Next time…

Once the crown dried, I quickly dotted several red glitter “jewels” at each point.  Next, I glued the string of pearls along the bottom.  A little more hot glue and quite a few pink satin roses later and the crown was complete.

Since Abigail is this past year’s First Communicant, the honor of crowning our Lady was given to her.   As Abigail carried the crown, we all sang “Regina Caeli” and knelt before the statue for the crowning…

Sweet and simple.  And a lovely sight in the Mary Garden.  Now as for those flowers…hubby and children have absolutely showered me with a multitude of bedding plants.  Alas, a freeze warning is in effect for this evening, so our Lady’s Garden will have to wait for further adornment.  And my poor statue…our Lady needs a bit of a “touch up.”  I painted her many years ago…it’s definitely time for an update:

Meanwhile…I’m the proud recipient of a brand new wind chime, many cards and a delightful selection of Lindt Truffles.  And this lovely realization:  of all the titles, all the compliments, all the praise that I could ever be given…none will ever encompass the honor and beauty of this three letter word:  M  O  M

To share with the Holy Mother of God that privileged title, along with its sorrows and joys, suffering and stresses…the exhausting beauty of living and loving and learning with one’s children and spouse…my happiness is complete.  Thank you, God, for the gift of motherhood…