Oh, how happy she was…to be able to put on that First Holy Communion dress and veil…again.

We had nearly forgotten…mommy had laid out the “fairy dress” – Abigail’s all-time favorite, and quickly dressing, she asked if I would fix her hair. As quickly as she asked, I suddenly remembered that our Lady would be crowned this very morning, and all First Communicants were asked to dress in the same clothes worn on that special day…

“Abigail! You must change! Quickly!” I reminded her of the importance of the day, and her entire face lit up…she was so very excited for the little girl who had been chosen to crown our Lady, and not the least bit jealous or upset that it wasn’t her. She was so pleased to be able to wear her lovely veil again. She was so happy, in fact, that she gave her “fairy dress” to her little sister, saying “Here Rylee…this will look so lovely on you! You need something special to wear, too. And you can keep it now!”

Oh, the happiness of that sweet six year old and the generosity of a big sister!

They skipped so happily into the Church. Daddy waited in the vestibule to make sure they knew what to do and where to go, while mommy went into the Church to secure a pew and pray.

A few moments later, hubby enters the pew with a big smile. “Guess who’s crowning Mary? Abigail!” The young lady previously chosen was unable to make it, and the privilege fell to my darling girl.

Joy, joy, joy…her smile as she made her way down the aisle was so sweet. And the best part? She feels the whole morning was a gift from our Lady…

And so do I!