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FOR TODAY – May 17th, 2010

Outside My Window: lead-gray sky and soft drizzle falling upon greening fields…shoots of corn are welcoming the rain more than I.  Cold and windy, with the promise of more to come.

I am Listening to: soft rain falling upon the window panes and the conversation of children…

I am wearing : pale green capris, peasant blouse and an ankle brace…more on that later.

I am Thankful For:the beauty and productivity of Saturday.  The whole family worked together to plant, mow, weed, trim and assemble a very large above ground pool.  The children are so very excited and just a little bummed…the weather is drizzly, gray and freezing.  That pool will have to wait for warmer temperatures!

I am Reading: finished Fatherless. I just can’t review it yet.  The book is well written, fast paced and painfully  accurate.  If you’ve read it, I’d love to read your “take” on it.  I’m glad that he’s writing two sequels:  Motherless and Childless…though the titles seem laced with hopelessness!  So much suffering and unresolved conflict in the first book…

From the Kitchen: Roast chicken with garlic and rosemary, mashed potatoes, salad and sliced apples, french bread.

I am Thinking: about today’s visit with the orthopedic surgeon.  He basically chewed me out for wanting a quick fix for something I’ve let go for too long.  I really wasn’t looking for a”quick fix” just relief from the non-stop pain that is keeping me from walking any kind of distance.  But now it seems my accessory navicular is not really the problem.  Oh, it’s causing me pain, true…but it’s only acting up because I’ve apparently ruptured the post tibial tendon…almost a year ago, while hiking with my parents.  Remember the leg pain issue that required the venous ultrasound?  Well…it wasn’t a clot, it was probably the tendon and everyone missed it…including me.  The fix is not an easy one. To quote the doctor (sort of) “detach this, remove that, take this from here to there, reattach it…etc., etc.,”   I’m seriously bummed.  I’ve basically lost what little arch I had, have concurrent foot/leg/knee pain and the whole structure of the foot is changing daily.  An MRI is scheduled for Friday, follow up on Monday.  I feel like I’ve done nothing but “follow up” on this and that.  Waa, waa, waa…okay, I’m through crying!  God’s will be done…but I would really appreciate your prayers, if you can spare them!

I am Creating: a new “normal” as I head towards surgery…again.

On my iPod: I love the Magnificat app!  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  And am  finally finding a bit of balance in the “listening” department…and enjoying a good deal of Michael Bublé and Andreas Bocelli.

Towards a Real Education: no comment.  Well…just a short one.  Is anyone else kind of burnt out?  It was this way when I worked in the public school system, too.  I’m trying to imagine how families embrace year round school…I’m living for that summer break.  I’d just like to stop where we are, take our CAT tests and plan for next year.  Here’s hoping the Dayton Conference reignites the fire…hmmm…I think I said that last week…

To Live the Liturgy: love…the…Mass.  And miss being able to attend the weekday Masses.  Man, I wish my van was fixed!!  When we had the money to fix it, hubby had no time.  When we have the time to fix it, we have no money…that’s life!

I am Hoping and Praying: for a private intention…and so excited about the Eucharistic Adoration Chaplet that my friend Molly sent me…the prayers are so very lovely…

In the Garden: ah, the garden!  It’s lovely…little shoots coming up here and there…potatoes and onions…lettuce and herbs…and the flowers…why did I ever say Fall is my favorite season?!  It’s SPRING!!

Around the House: evidence of a family spending more time outside than in.  And now it’s raining…I need to organize the troops and stage a cleaning coup…

On Keeping Home: I am staying on top of the laundry.  It’s…a…miracle!

One of My Favorite Things: painted toe nails…it’s such a girly, summery indulgence!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: pray for an end to the rain, hopefully watch my children swim in our new pool (thanks ReNee!) and limp around my garden…

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

A few pics from my favorite 10 yr. old nature photographer, Max:

Bucket o' bunnies...saved from an untimely death by lawn mower...safely returned to their mother!
The new header pic...compliments of Max and a cooperative peony!

Lovely irises...and too many weeds!
Counting the days until the cherries ripen...birds, you have been warned!