…are capturing the beauty of summer for me!  Bringing inside, all those things I’ve not been able to experience first hand:

Sparkly nights:

Towering sunflowers:

Garden-y goodness:

The village they built…complete with a guided video tour of the brewery (you gotta love Catholic boys!) and well:

These are my little slices of summer…the ones that join the few gathered before my “downtime”:

Bonfire times:

Splash downs:

Hugs and kisses…summer days and nights:

Sometimes it’s hard and I feel like I’m on the outside looking in, but I look back at the times I’ve had, rejoice in the fun they’re having, the beautiful way they try to share it and am looking forward to being in the midst of all this beautiful chaos, rather than just a passive observer.  Life is beautiful…and getting to see it through their eyes is a precious gift!