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August 2010

A day in the life of a homeschool family…10 years ago!

How would you like to take a little trip down memory lane with me? This morning I was going through a few old computer disks and found a piece I had written for our homeschool cooperative newsletter, oh, so very long ago. We were the “featured family” and this is a peek into our homeschool day, 10 years ago:

Hi! We are the Wasson Family of Sacred Heart Academy.  We are a Catholic home schooling family of seven children. Our family consists of Roger and Kimberly Wasson, otherwise known as dad and mom, and the children: Ashley – 18, Caitlin – 14, Meredith – 10, Zachary – 6, Joseph – 3, Michael – 23 months and baby Maximilian – one month old! Here is a day in our life as seen by mom:

6:00 a.m. – No, I never get up this early – Max nursed every two hours last night and I’ve had less than six hours sleep in the last 48 hours…might as well stay up. I guess I’ll mop the kitchen and put in a load of laundry – after 2 ½ months of bed rest, it’s actually a blessing to be able to do these things.
6:30 a.m. – Done! Coffee’s on and Max is still sleeping. I’ll grab a cup and my Bible – time to fuel the tank!
7:00 a.m. – Girls are up and are they crabby! Ashley irons Dad’s shirt, while Caitlin packs his lunch. Meredith tidies the classroom. The sisters insult one another during these chores and receive a little biblical instruction on the perils of using “careless words” 8:00 a.m. Max is up and nursing.
8:30 a.m. – Joseph is up and having breakfast. Class begins for the girls – Winston Grammar for Cait and Mere, Traditional Logic for Ashley. Another load of laundry is washing and drying – we’ll do five today just to keep ahead.
9:00a.m. Michael is up. Ashley gives him breakfast and dresses him, while Mom packs a diaper bag and Cait dresses Max. Max and Michael have a doctor appt.
Caitlin will take the log from here until Mom’s return:
9:30– Zach is up and has breakfast. He starts on Math and Joseph is working on his “Colors” book.
10:00 a.m.– Zach is doing handwriting and Joseph is on his second page of “Colors”.
10:30 a.m.– Zach and Joseph are doing phonics “Sing Along” on the computer. Meredith has chosen to do her recreational reading and Caitlin is working on her Baltimore Catechism.
11:30 a.m. – Mom is home and the house is tidy…thanks girls! Picked up lunch to save time – we ask for our Lord’s blessing and everyone eats.
12:00 p.m. – Michael is down for his nap – time to nurse Max again! Caitlin and Meredith continue to work on their Baltimore Catechism and Ashley has decided to work exclusively on Logic today. Zach and Joseph play with a 6 volt battery and a fan motor, while Mom is occupied with Max.
12:30 p.m. – Mom and Zach begin History – The Saints. Joseph interrupts several times and is taken to Mom’s room for a nap.
1:00 p.m. Joe is asleep and Mom gives Mere and Cait their Spelling Power daily review tests – Max is very fussy, making it difficult for the girls to hear Mom recite their words.
1:30p.m.– Mom and Zach begin Catechism – Jesus and the Cross.
1:40p.m.-Mom, Mere and Cait begin Greek History “Draco and Solon”, while Zach looks over his new weather unit for Science.
2:00p.m. Mom and Zach begin Science and go outside to observe the weather.
2:15p.m. – Ashley is finished with a week’s Logic and Zachary is finished for the day.
Michael is up from his nap, and Max is ready to nurse.
Mere and Cait will both work on a Science review test and will finish up on their Math.
3:00p.m.– Joseph is up and Mom drills Meredith on her multiplication facts.
3:30p.m. SCHOOL is OUT!! Time to tidy up – everyone pitches in.
Free time for everyone!
4:30p.m.-Mom starts a chicken to bake and Ash peels potatoes– Joe, Michael and Zach go outside – Ash goes with them.
5:00 p.m. – Max nurses again and supper is cooking – now we wait for dad!
6:30p.m.– Daddy’s home! Table is set and dinner will be served shortly.
7:30p.m. – Baths for the boys and pj’s. Girls clear the table and Mom loads the diswasher.
8:00p.m. – Bedtime for boys – we all breathe a sigh of relief. Mom and Dad get a little quality time. Meredith takes off for the shower, and Caitlin heads for the computer.
9:00p.m.– Dad is really tired – heads for bed. Mom and Ashley must pick up a few things from Walmart – Mom nurses Max before leaving. 10:00p.m. – Mom and Ashley return – Max is very fussy. Mom sends girls off to their rooms to read, etc. before they go to bed and tidies up around the house. Mom puts in a final load of laundry. The house is quiet – only Mom and Max are up.
11:00p.m. – Max is still up! Mom says her prayers and prepares to do everything again…tomorrow!

Wow…what a difference 10 years makes! When I see it in print it seems exhausting…and I had two more children within the following 3 years! Things are significantly easier and our school day is not nearly so long thanks to combined classes and years of discovering what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve been asked many times by young mothers:  “how did you do it when you had so many little ones at home?”  Like the pains of childbirth, our Lord is merciful and difficulties were and are hard to recall and I’ve often felt my answers were of no help whatsoever.  “Perseverance and prayer!”  that was and is my standard reply.  But now I have a “snapshot” for you!   I’m glad that I chronicled a day in our life so very long ago…I think perhaps it’s time to do an update…and I will…as soon as we get started with the new school year!


Daybook…whirlwind days!

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FOR TODAY – August 30th, 2010

Outside my window: Hazy, hot and humid.  Summer is enjoying its last “hurrah.”  Corn is rustly-dry, garden is on its last legs…but the tomatoes…ah, the tomatoes!  I could eat BLTs for the rest of the season.  And pico de gallo.  And salsa.  Nothing like a big, beefy, heirloom tomato…

I am listening to: the children as they watch a video.  The birds are strangely silent…must be the heat.

I am wearing : a pink tshirt and a pair of gray sweatpants/capris.  Dressing early for this evening’s physical therapy session.

I am thankful for: so many things.  For two weeks of company.  For the surprise Ladies Night Out party that took place at my house.  For an amazing homeschool retreat that is fueling the fire for the start of the new school year, for a surprise visit by two of my dearest friends – John and Christina.  For the additional joy of visiting with Tim and Krislynne for the second time in a week.  For friends who pray.  For family who love so well…for my Faith.  For Adoration.  I could go on and on…

I am reading: homeschool catalogs.  Still need to order books…and finesse lesson plans.

From the kitchen: hot coffee and bagels topped with peanut butter.  Lunch:   leftover smoke chicken…should make a delicious sandwich!  Dinner:  cheesy baked cavatappi, Italian bread and salad.

I am thinking: about the new school year.  Feeling a little overwhelmed…not too much…just trying to put it all together…

I am creating: lesson plans.  Want to knit “two at a time” toe-up socks.  Must…prioritize…

On my iPod: not listening too much…

Towards a real education: planning our liturgical celebrations and monthly displays.  Getting ready to have the kids help me with organizing the classroom.  I’m a fairly adept wheelchair general.  Time to muster the troops…

I am hoping and praying: that this school year ends as well as last year’s began.  My goal:  to work harder at sustaining the pace…trying hard to remain realistic and praying for the spirit of perseverance.  Considering all the health woes of last year, the children did amazingly well.  Praying we have fewer interruptions this year…

In the garden: Tomatoes.  Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…

Around the House: We’ve recovered from our busy days with our visitors.  Slowly catching up on the laundry (thanks, sweetie!) and just need to get the classroom in order.  I’ve learned to live with a certain amount of messiness.  I keep telling myself:  “just a few more months.  All things in God’s time…”

On keeping home: see above.

One of my favorite things: a husband who does the majority of the shopping, now that the wife can’t.  And one who ALWAYS brings home chocolate.  He loves me…oh, yes…he sure does!

A few plans for the rest of the week: create the next month’s menus.   Put classroom in order.   Work on lesson plans…

A picture thought I’m sharing:

Surprise visitors…what a gift!

John and buddies!
Christina and Krislynne
Krislynne and Isabella


“Frosty, the…tomato man?!”

It’s such fun having a five year old visitor…she’s very, very creative:

Looks like this cool weather has her dreaming of a white red Christmas!

BTW:  the facial illustrations are courtesy of the photo editor.  All rights reserved…


A week in review…

Ah…what an amazing week!  After two months of very little in the way of activity or company, I’ve literally been “showered” with beautiful experiences!  My dear friend Sandra…say hello:

Hello! My name is Sandra!

…arrived on Monday with her four children.  Our house is positively ringing with laughter and good times as the children have swam, climbed, played games, hiked to the woods…you name it!  Late nights, mornings of sleeping in, fabulous meals and sweet Catholic fellowship…I didn’t think it could get much better.

Until Wednesday night.  I returned home from physical therapy to find my living room full of the best friends imaginable.  For two weeks they secretly planned this “gift.”  I couldn’t make it to Ladies Night Out, so Ladies’ Night Out came to me!  It was fabulous…food, fun and good Catholic friends.  I marvelled at their ingenuity and ability to keep this hidden for so long…no wonder my bathroom was so clean on Wednesday!

And then Thursday.  Adoration with my best friend.  Sweet, sweet, sweet…

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful.  We made our way to the Educating for Heaven Homeschool Day of Reflection.  I can’t begin to share the beauty of that day.  I had been nervous about the talk I was scheduled to give, but that nervousness was quickly dispelled after the beauty of the morning Mass and Fr. Pendolphi’s insightful and inspiring homily on St. Piux X and the beauty of home education…this from the administrator of a “brick and mortar” Catholic school…simply incredible and so unexpected.   After Mass, we entered a delightfully appointed conference room and were treated to an amazing breakfast banquet and truly motivating reflections given by four homeschooling mothers.

The Holy Spirit was so tangibly present throughout the day…just ask the attendees!  I must say…if I had to choose between attending a curriculum fair or this Day of Reflection…well, the Day of Reflection would win, hands down.  Yes.  It was that good.  If you live in the Columbus area, please make plans to attend next year.  Details are available on the Educating for Heaven website. All four lectures were recorded and should soon be available for your listening pleasure!

The beauty of this week culminated with the Sabbath.  Mass.  Need I say more?  I was quite surprised that we were once again blessed with a Solemn High Mass.  We ended the day with a barbecue with a few close friends and children playing tag and hiking to the woods in the dark…

I hadn’t realized until this week, just how much I had missed my friends.  What great memories to carry our family through the rest of summer as we approach the new school year.  I pray that your summer is closing with just as many blessings and that you are excited and encouraged as you approach the new school year…



I wasn’t able to take them to the forest, to hike and explore…You reminded me of the beauty that surrounds us, just a short walk/drive down a dusty path…and gave us the most perfect “landscape artist” to create a wonderland they can freely explore…

I wasn’t able to take them to the creek as I have, so many summers past…You made sure we had a pool, a sweet gift from a friend…and their joyful splashing and laughter pushed away the heat and humidity…

I wasn’t able to see the beautiful firework display on the 4th of July…You put on a meteor display these past few nights, that rival anything that man can contrive…

I wasn’t able to take them to the zoo…but You showed them new life in a litter of kittens, a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, a cicada peeling away its exoskeleton to reveal a shade of green and gold seldom seen…

I wasn’t able to take them to the science museum…but You gave them the ultimate laboratory…Your amazing Creation…and the intellect, curiosity and will to explore it…

I wasn’t able to take them to the park, to play upon the swings and slides…You showed me a free swing set, a duplicate of the one we had many years ago, now resting beneath a shady tree and the wood itself is ringing with the laughter of happy children…

I wasn’t able to prepare those special meals they so enjoy…You inspired me to pass on the “gift”…and they have become incredibly adept chefs…

I wasn’t able to pray well for a time…You gave me friends who would pray for me, showering me with Rosary bouquets more lovely than any bouquet I’ve ever received…

I wasn’t as patient as I could have been…You surrounded me with people who were and are…and I’ve learned from them and marvel at the depth of love that is expressed in that same patience…

I wasn’t able to play hostess, to entertain and offer hospitality as I have in the past…You gave me this wonderful family and showed us all just how close we could become during adversity…

And when things seemed dark and dreary inside, when my critical eye began to focus too much upon the “undone…” You led me outside to reveal a landscape bathed in pink and gold, to show me true beauty and shift my perspective from the mundane to the heavenly…

For these things and more, Almighty Father, I am so very, very grateful…

My itty-bitty Feast of the Assumption miracle…

It’s been so hard these past few weeks…I know you must be tired of hearing that by now, but I really need to elaborate, for my sake, if for no one else, just exactly why it’s been so hard…

It’s been 7 weeks since I’ve attended Mass.  Our mini van has long been gone, and prior to my surgery, it took two vehicles to transport the whole family to Mass.  Every Sunday, as we faced the inevitable flat tire or engine-light-is-on-again-what-does-it-mean-this-time, we’ve always praised God that our prayer to be able to attend Mass as a family, has always been answered.

Then I had surgery.  The recovery has been incredibly difficult.   For a few weeks, attending Mass was impossible.  Now, it’s transportation logistics.  Every Sunday, two of the children stay home with mom, while Dad transports the remaining four to Mass…his car seats five.  There have been no complaints, just a general sadness.  Every night as a family, we’ve prayed for an end to our transportation woes…trusting that the Lord would answer in His time.

This past Thursday, I attended Adoration for the first time in many weeks.  The Feast of the Assumption was heavy on my mind and so I did what any troubled child would do…

I asked my Mother for help.  I asked the Blessed Mother to help us find a way, just for this Sunday, to attend Mass together on the great Feast of the Assumption.  Please, Mother…oh, please…

Friday and now Saturday.  It seemed that the answer was “no…” And then a miracle!

The children, squealing loudly, rushed out the house to greet a surprise visitor.  It was Meredith.  Meredith, in a car loaned by a friend, came for a surprise visit.  Such excitement, so many hugs and kisses.  We had a very lovely conversation and she explained that she couldn’t stay long.

As the conversation continued, she expressed a desire to stay, just to attend Mass with the family.  The dam broke…

Tears.  Tears.  Tears…

“How long has it been, Mom?  How long since you’ve been to Mass?”

“7 weeks…” that was all that I could articulate.

“Then that’s why I’m here.  I’m here to take you to Mass.  Let’s all go to Mass together tomorrow…I’m sure I can keep the car until then…”

My Mother…your Mother…obtained this favor for us so sweetly, so simply, in such a surprising way.  This is my itty-bitty miracle…but perhaps it’s not so very small.  If someone had delivered us a brand new van, I don’t think I could’ve been more astounded!

Tomorrow…tomorrow I’ll attend Mass with my family.  On the great Feast of the Assumption…the feast of hope and promise, our sweet Mother has interceded and I couldn’t be much happier than I am right now…

But talk to me tomorrow after Mass.  I’m sure I’ll be even happier then!



The Parable of the Pool

There was once a pool amid a dusty landscape. Actually it was a wadi—a valley which in the rainy season becomes a stream. When it was full, it was so refreshing. Filled with water, its very presence radiated life all around. It enabled all kinds of greenery to flourish on its banks. Life flowed through its waters. It was a place for water sports. People felt attracted to come and bathe there, to fish, or just to enjoy the smooth blue waters that contrasted so powerfully with the dry landscape. The pool was very proud of all it could do, and of all it meant for those around. But soon the pool dried up. One could hardly imagine a more appropriate symbol of death. Where there was once water, now there was absolutely no life whatever. There was not a single trace of vegetation anywhere in the vicinity. At the bottom of the pool, people could see dead fish, rubbish, and human waste. The surface was ugly—nothing but dirty mud, or lumps of dry, caked earth. No-one would come any more for a picnic. People preferred to avoid it.

The pool became very upset. ‘Why have I, who was once a source of life, become a symbol of death? What has happened to make me so hateful, rejected by everyone like this, when only a few months ago I was so attractive, so inviting to people?’ Whereas before it was very pleased with itself, now its self-image was just the opposite. Everything conspired to make it see itself as ugly, dry, attractive to no-one, life-giving to no-one. What a difference!

Then a few months later the pool filled up again with water, and once again it was back to its old chirpy self. It forgot the feelings it had had when it was dry. But then the experience of dryness returned again, and with it the same sense of disorientation and meaninglessness. Time and time again, the inexorable cycle of rainy years and years of drought continued. Eventually, this alternation made the pool think a bit. ‘In this life, for whatever reason, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it goes badly. The only thing to do is to put up with what happens at each point, and not try to understand what it’s all about.’ But it didn’t find these ideas very encouraging. On the contrary, they just made it discontented and bitter.

But then it had another idea. ‘Up there, at the source of the river, there must be a Wellspring which can make something beautiful out of my dirty surface by sending me, freely and without strings, the flowing water which transforms me and makes me into a delightful lake. I’m not just a pool; I’m a wadi. That’s the only thing that makes sense of these different experiences.’ And that idea led the pool to reflect even more deeply. ‘How self-centred I was, how narcissistic, when I’d just accept all the fulsome compliments people paid me when I was so full of water.’ Now it saw what the water truly was: a gift.

The alternations of positive and negative experiences had brought the pool a new wisdom. Now it was well aware of how ugly its surface was, but it also knew it always had a generous, resourceful companion on its side. It knew who really deserved the compliments and the expressions of thanks that the good times provoked, and now it could pass them on to their proper place. But the pool could never have discovered this if the only experience it had ever had was that of being full of water. It was thanks to both experiences, and to the interplay between them, that the pool had had its true reality revealed, and also the generosity of the Wellspring.


Last night, for the first time in six weeks, I entered my Church.

Dark and cool…the only real source of light focused upon the One who is Light…and Love.

Many tears were shed as we greeted one another.  He looked at me…I looked at Him.  Long conversation flowed as it hasn’t in such a long time. My prayers have been pitiful petitions for mercy…oh, Lord…mercy…

But this was different.  In my silence, eyes fixed intently upon Love’s Captive, I let Him speak to me.  Desolation and consolation were the words that reverberated in my heart.  I opened the small tome that my 12 yr. old son insisted that I take…I didn’t really want it…I didn’t want to read…I just wanted to be.  In the dim light, what seemed to be a random selection, became the message…and it is precious.

My consolation is in the Lord…only.  Desolation is a place…a place where all is silent, lonely…a place where His voice is heard best.  He is calling the little “pool” to remember the “Wellspring…” the source of all gifts, of all graces…

Of true consolation…


Maybe someday…

He sits, head bent over an aging teddy bear in desperate need of first aid.  Needle in hand, he is lovingly stitching each wound…

She sees him, and says, as little sisters will:  “why?  You should just put it in a yard sale.  You could make money and buy a new one!”

He smiles, and says, much more patiently than I would’ve thought he could:  “Maybe someday, if God doesn’t call me to be a priest, I might have children.  I think they’d like this…”

Note to self:  do not ever, ever, put the teddy bear with the worn brown fur, two legs stitched on with white thread, plaid ears and the torn bow in the yard sale or thrift store pile…



Creative license…

I went from this:

To this:

And just received this (from a singing telegram girl, no less!):

$100,000??!!  Egads!!

It’s nice to know I’m providing the family with so many opportunities to express their creativity ;-D


Daybook…August evening edition

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FOR TODAY – August 9th, 2010

Outside my window: dusk.  Misty haze rising from towering corn.  Noisy cicadas vying for supremacy over noisy children.  An August evening, in all its hot, humid glory…

I am listening to: those same, noisy cicadas…

I am wearing : maroon cotton tee, blue jeans, hair up in a twist

I am thankful for: this morning’s visit to the orthopedic surgeon and the cast that is no more!  I’m now in a cam boot.  Still non-weight bearing, but will soon begin physical therapy and learn to use this reconstructed foot.  Tonight I’ll sleep without a cumbersome cast.  It only gets better from here…

I am reading: re-reading A Tale of Two Cities. Love, love, love that book.  Oldest homeschooler will be reading this one this year…need to brush up for some interesting conversations!

From the kitchen: delightful scent of roasting chicken, baked beans, mac n’ cheese and cantaloupe.  Chef’s choice…he’s 16 and tonight’s menu is pure comfort food…

I am thinking: about hypercalcemia.  I had no idea that a surplus of calcium could have such a devastating effect.   Now to find out why…surgeon is referring me for parathyroid screening to rule out a potentially serious cause for my high calcium levels.  I’m not worried…I think my problems have been immobility and the overuse of calcium based antacids.  Still…we’ll rule out the other…prudence in all things.

I am creating: have made two sweet little pillowcase nighties, a clothespin bag and a pair of socks.  But I have to take a break.  All this close work is wreaking havoc upon my eyes.  Which is part of the hypercalcemia thing, too…

On my iPod: 16 yr. old has introduced me to Rob Dougan.  Love, love, love this techno-artist!

Towards a real education: well…I’ve written my reflection for the Educating For Heaven mini-retreat and have yet to order my school books.  Hope to compile a list, at least…medical bills have really slammed us this year…

I am hoping and praying: that my dear friend Sandra has a safe trip to Ohio, enjoys her time with her parents and has a rockin’ good time staying with us!  I may not be able to get around, but that won’t stop the flow of conversation!  Drive safe, my friend…

In the garden: A tangle.  A lovely, productive tangle.  Mom’s weeding skills are sorely missed. 

Around the House: A tangle of a whole other sort.  But it’s all good…they continue to do what they can and that’s as much as anyone can ask…

On keeping home: my 16 yr. old is a stellar chef.  That’s worth everything!  I think it’s time to rope the 13 yr. old…he likes to cook, time to expand his repetoire…

One of my favorite things: realizing just how much comfort a mom brings to her family.  Mine is missing the comfort factor.  I have plenty of hugs and kisses to give, but making a comfortable home is just not possible.  But once again…it’s okay.  It’s nice to realize that I have that gift and that my family wants it back so desperately!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Hopefully have the family make the home comfortable enough for company.  Poor hubby is stretched to max right now…we just can’t ask him to do anymore.  And he would.  He’s been pulling more than his share of the load and he never complains.  I’m so very blessed…we all are…now we must find a way to show him that we can carry on without his constant supervision and surveillance.

A picture thought I’m sharing:

Abi’s rose.  She took this photo so I wouldn’t miss the bloom…



Mom:  So…how do you feel about your cooking skills?  You’ve been making some truly amazing meals!

Zach:  Ehh…okay, I guess…

Mom:  Okay?  You’ve been eating the fruits of your labor!  Don’t you know how good it is?

Zach:  Yeah…except it tastes a lot like something my mom would make…

*I’ll take that as a compliment ;-D


A Day of Reflection for Catholic Homeschooling Mothers…

Greetings to all Central Ohio home schooling families!

I’d like to encourage you to attend the first annual Day of Reflection for Catholic Homeschooling Mothers, hosted by Educating For Heaven. There’s still time to register!

From the website:

Come and be renewed in your vocation as a homeschooling mother. Unlike a curriculum fair, this will be an opportunity to pray, reflect, share and encourage one another. We will strengthen our hearts, minds and souls for the race ahead of us as we move into another year of homeschooling.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Saint Michael Church

5750 North High Street

Worthington, Ohio 43085

Speakers will include veteran homeschooling mothers:

Emily Jaminet, Becky Kebe, Kimberly Wasson

Mass at 8:15 a.m.

Program follows in Marian Hall.

A light breakfast and lunch are included.

The day will conclude at 2:00 p.m. after the Rosary.

Registration Fee: $15.00

Financial assistance available.

Contact: E-mail Angie Robbins at

Registration deadline August 7, 2010

Download a PDF Registration Form

Help us inspire and encourage one another! Please include with your registration form any tips you would like to share; recipes, blogs, Scripture verses, books, home school ideas, or inspirational quotes, etc. We’ll include your ideas in the program folder.

I hope to see you there!


Recycling makes sense…

…particularly when the projects are so quick and easy, and the results infinitely pleasing!  I’d been longing to make a few pillowcase nightgowns for my girls from the moment I saw them at Maya Made.   My favorite thrift store has an amazing selection of vintage pillowcases for 59 cents each…and this stir crazy lady was more than happy to spend a few minutes picking out a handful, a potential remedy to the boredom that has set in during this extremely long convalescence.

I found a great tutorial and the only thing left to do was grab the scissors and a needle and thread.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy handwork.  It’s much too difficult to get upstairs to the sewing machine and my foot swells horribly if it’s not kept elevated, so each little gown was sewn by hand…tiny, even stitches.  I rather felt like Laura Ingalls!  The results are adorable…and my girls have pronounced them the best nightgowns, ever!

Definitely the easiest…

Encouraged by the ease of this project, I’ve found a couple more.  A whimsical clothespin bag and an ingeniously simple apron pattern utilizing thrift store skirts, a few snips here and there, a bit of stitching an voila!  An apron in less than an hour…

Do you have favorite recycled craft projects in the works?  I’d love to hear about them!


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