Ah…what an amazing week!  After two months of very little in the way of activity or company, I’ve literally been “showered” with beautiful experiences!  My dear friend Sandra…say hello:

Hello! My name is Sandra!

…arrived on Monday with her four children.  Our house is positively ringing with laughter and good times as the children have swam, climbed, played games, hiked to the woods…you name it!  Late nights, mornings of sleeping in, fabulous meals and sweet Catholic fellowship…I didn’t think it could get much better.

Until Wednesday night.  I returned home from physical therapy to find my living room full of the best friends imaginable.  For two weeks they secretly planned this “gift.”  I couldn’t make it to Ladies Night Out, so Ladies’ Night Out came to me!  It was fabulous…food, fun and good Catholic friends.  I marvelled at their ingenuity and ability to keep this hidden for so long…no wonder my bathroom was so clean on Wednesday!

And then Thursday.  Adoration with my best friend.  Sweet, sweet, sweet…

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful.  We made our way to the Educating for Heaven Homeschool Day of Reflection.  I can’t begin to share the beauty of that day.  I had been nervous about the talk I was scheduled to give, but that nervousness was quickly dispelled after the beauty of the morning Mass and Fr. Pendolphi’s insightful and inspiring homily on St. Piux X and the beauty of home education…this from the administrator of a “brick and mortar” Catholic school…simply incredible and so unexpected.   After Mass, we entered a delightfully appointed conference room and were treated to an amazing breakfast banquet and truly motivating reflections given by four homeschooling mothers.

The Holy Spirit was so tangibly present throughout the day…just ask the attendees!  I must say…if I had to choose between attending a curriculum fair or this Day of Reflection…well, the Day of Reflection would win, hands down.  Yes.  It was that good.  If you live in the Columbus area, please make plans to attend next year.  Details are available on the Educating for Heaven website. All four lectures were recorded and should soon be available for your listening pleasure!

The beauty of this week culminated with the Sabbath.  Mass.  Need I say more?  I was quite surprised that we were once again blessed with a Solemn High Mass.  We ended the day with a barbecue with a few close friends and children playing tag and hiking to the woods in the dark…

I hadn’t realized until this week, just how much I had missed my friends.  What great memories to carry our family through the rest of summer as we approach the new school year.  I pray that your summer is closing with just as many blessings and that you are excited and encouraged as you approach the new school year…