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FOR TODAY – September 6th, 2010

Outside my window: a warm breeze rustles the corn and stirs the lace curtains.  Bright sunshine sifts through the blinds striping carpet and furniture.

I am listening to: the rustling of dried cornstalks in the wind…

I am wearing : blue jeans and a paisley peasant blouse.  Giant robo-boot and one tennis shoe.

I am thankful for: Labor Day…an extended weekend of enjoyment and around-the-house labor. 

I am reading: lots of information on recovery from PTT transfer and calcaneal osteotomy surgery.  Looking for a light at the end of this very long tunnel…

From the kitchen: yummy roast beef and veggies roasting in the oven…we grilled all weekend; first burgers and dogs, then ribs.  Thankfully, it’s sufficiently cool enough that we don’t have to worry about heating up the kitchen.

I am thinking: about school. I’m nearly as anxious to start as are the children!

I am creating: a bit of order, here and there.  After months of immobility, I’m trying to utilize the wheelchair to accomplish as many things as possible.  It feels good to get a handle on a few things around here.

On my iPod: Michael Bublé…my favorite while cooking!

Towards a real education: the classroom is in order…YIPPEE!  I’m excited to get back to work.  This year I’ll be teaching 11th grade, 9th grade, 7th grade, 5th grade, 3rd grade and 2nd grade.   I’ve never taught two high school students at the same time…this should be interesting!  The younger students will be studying Greek history, Geology and Physical Sciences.  I’m encouraged by the excitement of the children.   Praying for a peaceful and productive year…God’s grace is sufficient for all things!

I am hoping and praying: that we can resolve our transportation issues…

In the garden: hubby has mowed down a portion of it, the tomatoes are still flourishing.   We have five gallons of them smoking on the grill as I type.  This evening, we’ll slip them out of their skins and bag them to use in soups and sauces…my favorite way to preserve the harvest!

Around the House: acres of dry, rustling cornstalks…trees that have already begun to drop their leaves in these near drought-like conditions…zinnias still blooming in riotous profusion…

On keeping home: I’m still quite limited in what I can accomplish, but I’m doing what I can…and it feels good.  I can’t wait to take back control of the kitchen…I miss it!

One of my favorite things: praying the Eucharistic Adoration Chaplet. I usually pray the chaplet while at Adoration, but also enjoy reciting it with the children, when I’m unable to attend.  It’s very lovely in its simplicity…

A few plans for the rest of the week: Celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Mother on September 8th…hurray!  Pray more, worry less…and hopefully receive encouraging news from my orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday.  Xray and evaluation time!  

A picture thought I’m sharing:

Our September liturgical display