Pretty cupcakes, dressed in blue:

Yes…we’re feasting today to honor the birth of the Mother of God, the Mother given to humanity by God the Son, from the foot of the Cross. What joy to celebrate an incomparable Mother…my Mother and yours!

Our Lady’s Nativity

Star of the morning, how still was thy shining,
when its young splendor arose on the sea!
Only the angels, the secret divining,
hailed the long-promised, the chosen, in thee.

Sad were the fallen, and vainly dissembled
fears of “the woman” in Eden foretold;
darkly they guessed, as believing they trembled,
who was the gem for the casket of gold.

Oft as thy parents bent musingly o’er thee,
watching thy slumbers and blessing their God,
little as they dreamt of the glory before thee,
little they thought thee the mystical Rod.

Though the deep heart of the nations forsaken
beat with a sense of deliverance nigh;
true to a hope through the ages unshaken,
looked for “the day-spring” to break “from on high”;

Thee they perceived not, the pledge of redemption
hidden like thought, though no longer afar;
not through the light of a peerless exemption
beamed in thy rising, immaculate star!

All in the twilight, so modestly shining,
dawned thy young beauty, sweet star of the sea!
Only the angels, the secret divining,
hailed the elected, “the Virgin” in thee.

B.H.D. Catholic World –
September 1870, v.11, page 825