Ah, September…apples and tomatoes in abundance!

Time to make Apple Tomato Jam.  Yes…jam!  And it is oh, so delicious.  I was a bit dubious when I first heard about it, but decided to give it a try.  It’s a hit…unanimously approved by all the children in the household, and particularly delightful when served with homemade buttermilk biscuits.

The recipe is rather simple…you can even adjust to suit yourself.  This is my version:

Apple Tomato Jam

8 large tomatoes (I used a combination of Mr. Stripey and Brandywine…gives the jam a lovely pumpkiny-orange color and is less acidic!)

5 large apples (I used Cortlands…nice and tart…the natural pectin in the apples will help with the thickening process that creates the jam.)

4 cups of sugar

3 cinnamon sticks

Peel and core apples and tomatoes…you may wish to seed the tomatoes as well.  My heirloom tomatoes have very few seeds, but I remove as many as I can, to avoid potential bitterness.

Combine all in a large pot and cook.

You want to cook the mixture until it reaches a jam-like consistency…an immersion blender will help to speed the process, but you can also use a potato masher or process small amounts in a food processor.

Ladle into clean jars or containers and either freeze or use your favorite processing method…I use the inversion method, but only for jams.  Use your own discretion.

Yields 4 quarts.

I do hope you’ll give it a try!  It looks like sunshine in a jar, and tastes like summer…in the depths of winter it will be a delightful reminder of warmer days…