In the heat of summer, my little girls practically lived in their pillowcase nighties…there were more than a few days that I’d have to insist that they get properly dressed.  “Our nighties are so comfy…” they’d say.  And so very, very cool.

Not to mention cute!

As we inch towards fall…and I do mean “inch”, as current temperatures are in the 90’s…I thought it might be fun to try another kind of nightie…using the same recycling principles.

Back to the thrift store for a couple more vintage pillowcases and two long sleeved girls’ cotton tshirts.  It took only a few minutes to find a couple 59 cent cases covered with trailing roses…sure to delight the little girls.  As for the tshirts…I looked for plain white, and found two with nice   embellishments.

From there, it was quite easy.  First, I trimmed the shirt to create an empire waistline.

Then,  I simply opened up the closed end of the pillowcase and ran a running stitch (by hand) around the outer edge to gather the long skirt until it measured the same width as the bodice.  Finally, I pinned and machine stitched the two pieces together.

The results…beautifully simple.  Simply beautiful!

I used a nice, thin cotton pillowcase for these nighties, but I’ll probably make at least two more using flannel.  The entire project, from start to finish, will take you less than 30 minutes.

And the cost?  $1.58 per nightie!

And that, my friends, is the beautiful fruit of recycling!