I’ve been anxious to share with you, my dear friends, the beautiful gift of healing that our Lord has so graciously granted.

Regrettably, I’ve been rather selfish with my little miracle…I’ve shared it with family and a very few friends, but mostly have been keeping it to myself, savoring it and reflecting on the goodness of God and His infinite mercy.

A few days ago, I wrote a dear friend a letter, describing the event.  It was the first I’d written of it, so I include a “copy and paste” excerpt here…I know she won’t mind!

From an email dated 9/15/2010:

I have to share an amazing revelation that I had on Sunday and the beautiful “miracle” that occurred shortly thereafter.

Roger was horrifically ill on Saturday night.  After months of being the pillar for this family, he crumbled.  Feverish and vomiting, he was unable to take any of the children to Mass.  I was so sad for the ones who’d wanted to attend so desperately.  And feeling a bit stressed.  You see…I’d wanted to start school on Monday.  That was MY plan.  But I had no idea how to even begin.  I couldn’t order books.  I didn’t know how on earth I was going to move easily from place to place.   The children would need to focus on school even if I could do it…how would the all the cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. get done?  The high school students needed so much!  And I couldn’t keep leaning on Zachary…school is his job, not housework.  And no Mass!  Ah…it seemed the laments were endless.  I was at the sink, in my wheelchair, trying to clean up my disastrous kitchen when a wave of calm descended upon me.  And I heard, not out loud, but interiorly:  “How faithful are you?  Last year, you had everything you needed to do what you wanted, to go where you wanted.  This year you don’t.  Are you still faithful?  Do you still believe this is what you should do?  Show me.  Show me that you really believe it.”

I knew what God was asking!  He was calling me to move forward, in faith, without worry, without supplies, without a car, without my mobility…to really act as though I had all those things, rather than lamenting the lack!!  I quickly made my way to the livingroom…I was so excited.  I asked the children to bring all their book boxes and for the next two hours (only two!) I pieced together a school year.  The children were actually excited when I described what I was doing and why.  I thought they would lament what they lacked, but they didn’t!  It was marvelous.  And so very simple. It’s not perfect, but it will do until things change.

By that evening, all while their poor, stressed Daddy was sleeping, they cleaned up the house to ready it for school.  Roger awakened to a good meal, a cheerful wife and happy children, a fairly well ordered home and the realization that at least one burden had been lifted from his shoulders…it was precious!  It wasn’t until the next morning, that I shared with him my “epiphany…”

Seated at the kitchen sink, I told him what I heard…and then I showed him something:


It was as if our Lord said “Ah…so you finally get it.  Your faith is what shall heal you.  Put your trust in Me.  You can do all things…according to your level of trust…”

On the eve of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the woman who hadn’t been able to tolerate 50% weight bearing on last Wednesday…the woman who had rejoiced at using one crutch and laboriously picking her way down a wooded path on Saturday…dropped her crutch and walked (still in the robo-boot!) across her kitchen!

And moved easily, from room to room on our first school day.  Helping Zach and Joseph with their work, turning to help the four youngers in the classroom…putting in a load of laundry…preparing lunch…cooking supper…and finally, attending physical therapy, where I surprised the living daylights out of my physical therapist!  Who, consequently, worked the living daylights out of me!

And that, my friends, is that.

Four days after my “healing”, my father took me to a shoe store and within 5 minutes picked out the perfect shoe…one that actually fit my still swollen, but now functional, foot!

And I’ve been walking ever since.  In the early morning and after extended periods, I rely on my cane.  But I’m walking…and it wasn’t supposed to happen until nearly December!

Upstairs.  Downstairs.  Outside.  Inside.

I can drive.

I can go to MASS!!

May God be praised…He shepherds us all through difficult seasons, never ceasing to care…always rich in compassion and kindness.  Patiently leading us to the right place, at just the right time.

And placing in our lives, just the right people…

So…I thank all of you for the many prayers, rosaries, meals and kind words offered throughout the long days and weeks of disability.

What an exciting new season this is!  Feet planted firmly on the ground, I’m proceeding surely and quickly, thanks to a merciful Father, an amazing family and a precious group of friends.  May you be blessed as you bless others!