I thought I’d offer a brief explanation as to why, after more than three years, I’ve decided to share our little “ghost story.”  Believe me…it’s not strictly for entertainment purposes, it was in no way enjoyable when it occurred.  The story serves to illuminate the proper response to encounters such as these.  For a faithful Catholic, the solution should be obvious:  frequenting the Sacraments and relying upon Holy Mother Church.  Unfortunately, there’s an all too casual approach, and the prerequisite for prayer is often abandoned in favor of thrill seeking.

And, of course, All Hallow’s Eve approacheth, so…

There is a disproportionate fascination with the supernatural at this time of year, more than any other.  These events have a tendency to become side show attractions and invitations to “haunted houses” abound. The reality:  whenever someone experiences unexplained phenomenon and truly has reason to believe that the occurrence is authentic, then much prayer and reparation is needed!   In our case, the efforts of a priest did much to dispel the “negative” or more sinister aspect of the events. But the “young woman…”   She was probably a very real person, someone obviously in need of prayer…a suffering soul.   If so, are we praying for these poor souls?   As we approach November, this is the reminder we all need.   These are not “lost souls.”   Catholic teaching tells us that souls are judged immediately at death. But for the soul who enters purgatory…well…it’s possible that the “purgation” may involve revisiting those places significant to their suffering and current inability to experience the happiness of Heaven.  And those allowed to “see” are encouraged to pray for the departed.  Under no circumstances should Catholics engage in conjuring or the pursuit of the occult in order to “make contact.”  Divination and the participation in the occult are serious sins and should be avoided…period.

Meanwhile…part III is nearly ready for publication.  I hope you find this piece, beyond its entertainment value, to be an encouragement to approach the Feast of All Souls with the renewed intention to offer prayers and reparation for the Holy Souls.