continued from part I and part II

So…imagine as a faithful Catholic you’ve encountered the unexplainable.  Peace is no where to be found and home…well, let’s just say home has become a place of fear and tension, particularly for your children.  What what you do?

You’d call a priest.   That’s what we did.  The challenge:  getting him to the house as quickly as possible!

Our priest is such a precious man, but he is constantly booked solid for weeks and months in advance.  When we called to invite him for dinner and ask him to bless the house, we were given a potential date that was several weeks in the future.  That’s when we had to, with much embarrassment, declare that this invitation was kind of a spiritual emergency…and we requested that he bring plenty of holy water and maybe…well…exorcise the house.  The church secretary was very understanding and cleared a slot in Father’s schedule as quickly as she could.  She even arranged to have vestments brought for my son Zachary…at this point, he wasn’t yet serving the Mass, yet he was going to be allowed to assist in a Traditional Latin house blessing.

There was a flurry of activity as we prepared for Father’s arrival.  Households were cleaned, a menu prepared and children were bathed and dressed in their best to receive our special guest.  And what a night!  Wine flowed freely amongst the tenants (our priest doesn’t partake) and dinner and dessert were amazing.  Father was the best possible guest, providing the evening’s entertainment at the keyboard.  Name that Tune and Which Commercial Jingle Was That? made for a fun evening.

But then it was time to get down to business.  Father and Zachary vested, and we proceeded, room by room, to bless the house.  It was such a solemn procession of adults and children, all lead by a priest and server.  Father was as discreet as possible when discussing the “activities” – he didn’t want to frighten the children anymore than we did.  He asked about past tenants, and was disturbed to discover that the tenants who had resided in our side of the dwelling were living, shall we say, an “alternative lifestyle.”  These tenants and their lease were “inherited” by the new owners, yet they were eventually evicted due to non-payment of rent.  Father said that demonic activity is often present when certain “sins” are committed.  We had never considered this, though we had known about the previous tenants and their activities.  The house blessing continued, and finally we approached what Father considered the “troubled” area:  the cloakroom.  Father blessed the room, sprinkling it liberally and then made a request.  He asked that we hang a crucifix on the door and offer a prayer of reparation…it could be as simple as, “Jesus, mercy!” upon passing the room.  He felt that the sin of abortion was the reason our “visitor” was hanging around.  He felt it might have been possible that she had died during the procedure, though there was no way to know…either way, he felt it was important that we continue to pray and offer reparation on her behalf…

The next day, I located a crucifix that a very holy nun had given one of our sons.  It had been blessed by our Holy Father in Rome.  I hung it upon the door and from that point on we continued to offer prayers of reparation for that poor, tortured soul…

I’d like to tell you that it was all over after that.  That we never heard or experienced another thing.

It wasn’t quite over…and wouldn’t be until we moved.

To be continued….