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Some  might say that the lightness of spirit that followed the house blessing was purely coincidental or that, perhaps, we were experiencing the power of suggestion.

As faithful Catholics, we understand the power of prayer and most especially, the healing that is conferred through Church-sanctioned blessings.  I can attest that the “heaviness” that had seemed to pervade the house both day and night, was gone.  But our visitor?

She remained.

We weren’t really (too) frightened and for the most part, she didn’t bother anyone.  It was my daughter, Meredith, who continued to see her.  At first, she tried to avoid looking in the places where she was most often present.  Meredith didn’t like seeing her, so for awhile she would try to only catch shadowy glimpses or would simply “perceive” that she, the ghostly visitor, was there.  Eventually, she decided that she had to look…had to see, rather than just catching a glimpse.  She would approach the stairs leading to her room and look right at her, and proceed up the stairs.  No communication, no approach.  Just an acknowledgment of her presence.

Still, the whole situation bothered me greatly.  And other family members, too.  My mother and father came for a visit and slept in Meredith’s room.  My mother angrily insisted that the young woman stop harassing her granddaughter…it was an unpleasant situation, but at the time moving was just not possible.  I continued to seek the counsel of our priest, who offered support to our daughter.

And we continued, just as Father prescribed, to pray and offer reparation.

A couple months later, household arrangements shifted.  The third family moved to Illinois and our family shifted rooms.  Meredith moved from the other side of the upstairs hall to our room, and we moved to the bedrooms in the back apartment…it was an odd arrangement, but put us closer together as a family.

And it cut down, dramatically, the number of times that Meredith would see the young woman…

Time marched on, and a few months later we found it necessary to look for another dwelling, as our friends prepared for the possibility of a job transfer and a new baby.   We found a lovely home in the country and prepared to moved.  All was well until a few days before our departure.  I had an unwelcome encounter with this “presence” and swore to my husband I never, ever wanted to experience anything like it again!

In our new home, we’ve never had a moment’s uneasiness.  Nothing.  All those negative events seemed to fade away, just as a bad dream does when daybreaks…

So.  Now you’ve read our ghost story.  And it’s November, the month dedicated to the Saints and the Holy Souls.  Please let this story serve as a reminder to pray for all the departed.  While we all love a good “ghost story”, we have an obligation as faithful Catholics to offer prayers for the repose of  those who have no one to pray for them.  During the Octave of All Soul’s Day it is possible to obtain a plenary indulgence for the Holy Souls in Purgatory if one simply visits a cemetery and offers a prayer.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace…