Well, friends…I’ve not been a very faithful blogger lately, now have I?

I finally managed to complete the last of a “series” – mostly out of guilt for having left you hanging for so long…I hope that you found it entertaining, but most of all, that you remain encouraged to pray for the Holy Souls.

But, I hope you’ll forgive me…I’ve been so distracted, so completely scattered in all things, of late.

After a painful kidney stone, an emergency surgery that did nothing to end the problem and now, a failed lithotripsy procedure, I’m up for surgery again for the third time in two weeks.   The whole process has been so very stressful and it seems that my writing well has run dry…if you can spare a prayer or two I would be most grateful!  This next procedure takes place on Tuesday, November 9th…

And thank you, for your faithfulness to my little slice of the blogosphere.  Somehow, in the midst of all my neglect, Catholic Family Vignettes reached and surpassed the 200,000 visitor mark.   It is all thanks to you, dear friends.  Your kind attention to my ramblings is so very precious to me.  There are times I wonder if I should perservere and then I receive several emails in the course of a week that encourage me to continue sharing these little snapshots of the ordinariness and extraordinariness of our day to day life…thank you for sharing how you’ve been blessed…I, too, have been blessed by you.

The next few weeks promise to be equally hectic.  Following Tuesday’s surgery, I’ll have about a three week respite and will then face what I hope will be my last surgery for a long, long time.  This one will be for the removal of two screws and should complete the healing and recuperation of my reconstructed left foot.  It’s been such a tough year.  Without a doubt.  I so long for lightness, for a bit of ease, to be able to share joyfully, frivolously.  I want to share the many blessings of the past couple of weeks, and will soon.  A delightful pictorial…pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating.  A gorgeous traditional Latin baptism.  The ordinary and the extraordinary.  I’m working hard to dispel the distractions, to reclaim all those scattered thoughts…I’m working towards healing and good health…may God grant it!

Thank you for continuing this journey with our family…there’s nothing quite like the adventures we undertake with good friends!