…and here they are!

Thank you so much for your prayers…recovering from what I hope will be my final surgery for some time.  Once again, there were so many little graces.  I was a bit frightened…inexplicably so.  Perhaps it was because this was the sixth time this year that I had to enter an operating room.  Or perhaps it was the harshness of the words “hardware removal” and the images conjured.  Either way, I was literally shaking as I entered the surgery center yesterday.   But the doubt and fear quickly faded when I met the nurse who would be with me throughout the procedure…remember my other nurses, Mary and Mercy?  Well this time I had…


Yes…Angel.  It was such a consolation…as were the emails, prayers, a sweet ecard, and as I discovered today, the gift of a Mass.  Truly, our God is ever merciful.  We may not always have such beautifully tangible signs, but He is there, nonetheless…there in the faces, voices, prayers and kind acts from friends and family.

BTW…my oldest son asked if the surgeon would give me those screws.  Who knows what plans he has for them…but I’ll tell you this:  I’m sure hoping that I’m not receiving any titanium jewelry for Christmas!