Good morning!

Taken on Saturday...all puddles now!

It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?

The long, cold winter has loosened its grip…the snow is melting…the fields have become lakes and marshes.  Ah…Spring!  You’re right around the corner, aren’t you?  Thank you, for giving us a preview of things to come…

This morning, I rose extra early, to take my two young men to meet with a group of young people who will be delivering thousands of red heart balloons to Ohio state Representatives and Judges.   The Heartbeat Bill would provide protection for life at its earliest stages…upon the detection of a heartbeat.  After all, a beating heart signifies life, doesn’t it?  Please pray for the success of this bill.  And for my good young men.  Last week, my 14 year old barred the door against pro-abort protesters attempting to gain entry to the room where the press conference was taking place…his 17 year old brother was awed by his bravery and refusal to be moved until security arrived to escort the group from the building.  I can’t think of a better way to spend St. Valentine’s Day than to protect a beating heart…

As for the rest of my little “Valentines”…we shared a lovely breakfast of scromblets:

And we’ll journey this afternoon to a homeschool skating party…nearly 200 adults and children will be in attendance!  This will be our first interaction in more than a year with a homeschool group.  Still counting my blessings…

So…off to complete a few chores.  The Grands and the Great are coming for a visit on Wednesday, big sister Meredith will arrive the following Monday.  Much to do to ready home and hearth for our guests.

May God bless you, dear friends, this St. Valentine’s Day and every day!