There’s nothing quite like a large dose of humor, perfectly executed and presented in the most understated way…

We returned home from this afternoon’s party with our beautifully decorated box, chock full of Valentine’s Day cards.   The children could hardly wait to get home, exclaiming over this one and that one, and, of course, quickly gobbling every last piece of candy before Mom even got a look.

“Hey…Mom…there’s a card in here for you.  It’s from the Cooks…”  came a voice from the kitchen.

“Oh, how sweet!  That Lucy…she’s just too much…”  I said.  Little did I know the depths of her “sweetness”, until I opened her homemade card and spied this:

Yeah…that’s my dazzling man…thirty years ago!  She hi-jacked the image from either my blog or my facebook account, and…well…there you have it!  What a hunk… check out those sweet half-tint aviator frames…and that delicately hi-lighted and feathered hair…what a doll baby!

I laughed.  And laughed.  And coughed…and then laughed some more.   This is, without doubt, the best card EVER…though I daresay I dispute the sentiments expressed…

Rock on, Lucy.  Hallmark called…they have a job for you…managing their new “Sarcasm Line!”