“Zeal for your house consumes me…”

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Within a roughly measured 30′ x 30′ square, we worked for hours, pulling thousands of staples, hundreds of nails…scraping the remnants of decades of hardened glue and plywood.  The restoration project at St. John’s has begun in earnest, and like the working class families who pitched in to build it so many years ago, many are coming forward to put their own “hands to work and hearts to God.”

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If you have read this post, and were able to contribute even the smallest amount to this worthy endeavor, may God bless you!

If you have prayed for the success of this project, may God bless you!

If you have picked up a hammer, staple puller, scraper, etc…and incurred blisters, splinters and a sense of pride in time well spent, may God bless you!

If you are considering contributing in some way…time, talent or treasure…may God bless and encourage you!

There is so much to be done, and many “coins of the realm” are needed to restore this Church to its former glory.  May the Holy Infant of Prague, restored to the sanctuary of St. John’s  on the 356th Anniversary of the Coronation of the Holy Infant, bring blessing and success to this precious parish…

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If God so moves you to contribute, please forward to either addresses.  Be sure to indicate that your contribution is towards the restoration of St. John’s…may God bless you for your kindness and generosity!

Holy Family Catholic Church
584 W. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215

The Jubilee Museum & Catholic Cultural Center
Administrative Office
584 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215