***UPDATE:  She’s feeling ever so much better now!  Thank you for your prayers…she’s pretty much back to her old self and is hopeful that she’ll be able to attend this evening’s Red, White and Boom celebration…***

…for my sweet 8 year old Rylee Elizabeth, who will make her First Holy Communion along with her best friend, Maria Perpetua, on July 3rd.  Rylee is quite ill today…migraine, nausea and no appetite.  It could be that she stayed up much to late last night because the Grands are here.  It could be that she is simply over-awed by the impending reception of the Blessed Sacrament and the party to follow…and of course we know that Satan will do anything to throw a monkey wrench into such a holy event.  The very same thing happened to her sister, Abigail, two days before her First Holy Communion.

Your prayers for both Rylee and Maria are greatly appreciated.  Two days ago, my girl tried on her dress and veil for the first time…her smile is beyond telling.  “I feel so beautiful!”  she said, when she gazed into the mirror.  Oh, if only she felt better today…may God grant it and soon!