A sling chair, a steno book and a waterfall…and the sixteen year old poet in me awakens.  The site itself is inspiring.  So much so, that a local reporter for the Columbus Dispatch decided to take a few photos after observing the antics of three water sprites:

The Wasson Siblings: Abigail, Rylee and Maximilian...photo taken by Taylor Glascock, Columbus Dispatch


Sun dappled pebbles grace its glinting shore,

And many waters flow into the one;

Silvered droplets spill with thunderous roar,

Quite mindless of the end as how begun.

A song it sings, a symphony of joys,

Shouting, laughing, gurgling with glee;

Where find you such celebratory noise?

Where else creation’s truth spoken so free?

For sure as bird does sing upon its bough,

As flower bloom and long stemmed grass does sway;

“It is good, said He; the Falls proclaim it now…

Oh, Beauty!  Found in mist and tumbling spray.