…this past Sunday to be precise, we took a jaunt to a local orchard and pumpkin patch.  It was a spontaneous trip…we’d all planned a Sabbath “rest” (read that as “nap!”) but the blue sky and crisp breeze beckoned us outdoors…to harvest a day of joy and pure picking pleasure:

First, the apples…a bushel and a half.  As I type, some of the fruits of our labors are simmering in the crockpot; the scent of homemade cinnamon applesauce fills the air:

Then, the pumpkins.  Is there anything as jolly as field of pumpkins?  Big ones, small ones, fat ones, tall ones…something for everyone!

But what do you do, when the back hatch is filled to capacity with apples, cider, gourds and squash?  How do you carry six enormous pumpkins?  On your lap, of course!  With much hilarity, as dad intentionally hit every bump he could, taking every turn as sharply as possible…prolonging that 30 mile trip home…the children took it all with great humor.

What joy to trade a nap for memories…