It brings a mother great joy when her children truly enjoy one another’s company.

Max, age 11, and Abi, age 10, have long been good buddies…the two closest together in the family, yet most opposite in personality.  Abi is flamboyant and vivacious.  Max, reserved and a bit shy.  The only thing they share are their fiery tempers, often bickering like a couple of magpies.  Nonetheless, these petty differences don’t really seem to matter so much, and they frequently confide in one another.

Today, Max invited Abi to follow him to the woods.  My budding photographer loves to take pictures and wondered if Abi would come along with him.

He took these…they’re really quite good!

And then she took this one…her solitary brother, walking home.  Sweet.

These lazy, fall days are quickly concluding.  Soon the bitterness of winter will set in and these afternoon jaunts will have to be postponed.   What a blessing to have two young ones who want to preserve the days in pictures, as much as their mother wishes to with words…