…though there have certainly been a few challenges. Wednesday evening, our oldest son, Zachary, took a serious fall on a skimboard. Police officers, paramedics, an ambulance, ER doctors and nurses and a few xrays later left him splinted to the knee and diagnosed with a severe sprain. I had looked at the ankle prior to his transport and it seemed seriously dislocated…I even mentioned this to the paramedics and then the ER doctor. The diagnosis remained the same, but sometime during the night, under that heavy splint, the dislocation resolved itself, and though seriously bruised and sore, he has been able to walk…something we didn’t think he’d be able to do for weeks. He’s back to himself…

Back to joy…

And there has been plenty of that to go around! Family bowling nights, shelling at Murrel’s Inlet and a tour of historic Atalaya, teaching the children the fine art of body surfing and boogie boards…and how to find shark’s teeth.

Sand. Sun. Surf. Sweet memories mingling with the fresh scent of salt breezes and the cool caress of the ocean. We have reveled in every moment, each day thanking God for this blessing. The children: “I can’t believe we’re really doing all of this…”

The parents: “We can’t believe we’re really here…”

Resolution: we will never, ever again underestimate the restorative power of the “family vacation.” It has always seemed a luxury. Now, it feels like a necessity. I’ve never seen my husband more relaxed. The children have never been as cooperative and joyful. I’ve not smiled and laughed this much in years. We will remember this time for the rest of our lives. We return home tomorrow…back to work. School. Back to joy of a different sort with a fresh perspective.