…awaits my youngest girl. Nine year old Rylee Elizabeth has idiopathic scoliosis and will soon need to be fitted for a brace which she will wear 23.5 hours per day for the next several years. There is much concern, as we await the results of genetic testing which will determine the course of her condition and as we anticipate tomorrow’s MRI, which has been ordered to explore the possible causes of this unusual “curve” in one so young. Rylee has been experiencing intermittent hearing loss and migraines, as well as significant back pain for the past couple  months and has seen a variety of specialists. Her doctors are concerned that there may be some “anomaly” which may be attached to her spine and auditory nerves.

This is my baby…my youngest child and I’ve distanced myself as much as humanly possible from thinking about it for the past few weeks, and have even been oddly at peace. But today at Mass it all caved in on me and I found myself momentarily terrified. Wiping my tears, I had to remember what I told Rylee about the brace…how God sometimes gives us oddly shaped crosses…and that hers just might be in the shape of this brace.  Now I must embrace my own “oddly shaped cross…” which, I think in this case, is my dread fear of the unknown…fear that pain and suffering await my innocent child…fear of all those dark unspoken things that crowd into one’s mind in the still, quiet times.

Today we picked apples…and tomorrow Rylee will be sedated for an hour long MRI and I beg your prayers for her. We’re trying so hard to keep everything on a low stress, no stress level…laughing and joking about getting to sleep through a test, and giving her as much fun and relaxation as we’ve been able for the past couple of weeks.  Still…she’s nervous, yet totally unaware that her doctors are looking for anything other than the curve of her spine.

Jesus, mercy upon her! Holy Angels protect her! St. Therese…we beg your intercession.

Thank you for your prayers…